Maintain Dedicated Status


At Natshoot the dedicated status activity reporting year runs from 1 December to 30 November the following year

(i.e. 1 December 2019 to 30 November 2020).



STEP 1:   Make Sure your Annual Membership Fee is Paid-up (Dedicated Hunter and/or Dedicated Sports-Person)

STEP 2:   Enter TWO Hunting Related Activities per Reporting Year to Retain your Dedicated Hunter Status and/or TWO Sport Shooting Related Activities per Reporting Year to Retain your Dedicated Sports-Person Status

a.    You must ascertain that your membership is paid-up to at least, or past, 30 November of the reporting year

b.    If you have dedicated hunter status with Natshoot:  Before midnight on 30 November annually, show that you had participated in at least TWO hunting related activities on two separate days between 1 December of the previous year and 30 November of the reporting year. 

c.    If you have dedicated sports-person status with Natshoot:  Before midnight on 30 November annually, show that you had participated in at least TWO sport shooting related activities on two separate days between 1 December of the previous year and 30 November of the reporting year.

d.    Irrespective of you holding dedicated hunter status or dedicated sports-person status or both, your membership fee remains the normal single annual fee for the age group you fall under (paid once per annum).

e.    At Natshoot we accept any hunting- and/or sport shooting related activity of our members in which they might participate anywhere in the world.  Activities are entered with confirming documentation which shows that the member had participated in that specific activity on that day at that specific place

f.    Activities, which may be logged to maintain (retain) dedicated hunter and/or dedicated sports-person status are understood to be activities, which are;

     i.    strictly legal

     ii.   clearly firearm-related

     iii.   clearly hunting and/or sport shooting related.

NOTE:  Air Pistols / Rifles:   All Air Pistol / Rifles are in the FCA considered to be firearms from calibres 5,56mm and larger.   Postal shooting Scores and/or Activities entered for air rifles from calibre 5,56mm and larger thus count towards annual maintaining one's dedicated status and will be Approved as these Air Pistols / Rifles are legally considered to be firearms.  Postal shooting Scores and/or Activities entered for air pistols / rifles in calibres below 5,56mm (i.e. 4,5mm or 5,5mm) cannot count towards annually maintaining one's dedicated status as those air pistols / rifles are not considered to be firearms under the FCA.  Evaluation of Scores and/or Activities for last mentioned air pistols / rifles will be Acknowledged so that the activity will still reflect on a member's Activities & Scores report as an activity.

g.    The Basics Rules of Entering Activities to annually maintain your dedicated status

h.    Activities a member can enter to annually Maintain his/her Dedicated Hunter Status with Natshoot

i.    Activities a member can enter to annually Maintain Dedicated Sports-Person Status with Natshoot

j.    A dedicated member may submit a Non-Active Report for a year if the member cannot for good reason participate in any hunting or sport shooting in a specific year.


2.1    At Natshoot we accept ALL confirmed Hunting, Sport Shooting or Firearm related activities our members participate in, anywhere in the world, to count towards the minimum number of activities to be entered so that members can keep their dedicated status in place on an annual basis till 30 November the following year.

2.2    All we ask is that you enter your dated activities under specific headings for purposes of our annual statistical analysis of our member's firearm-related participation profile.

2.3   All activity entries MUST please be accompanied by confirmation documents.  Confirmation documents must contain a member's Initials and Surname, ID number, and the place and date of the activity.  Confirmation documents can be a receipt with the date of the activity on it, or a letter from an accompanying friend stating that s/he vouches for the activity having been conducted on that specific day, or the date & name written on a practice target, or any confirmation of days indicated for the duration of a hunting trip.

2.4   Confirmation documentation must please be scanned in PDF format or please be presented in photographic format (i.e. a cell phone photo with the date of the activity on the photo itself or on a piece of paper in the photo subject - a mere photo with a hunter and an impala or of a person at a target says nothing, as it could have been taken at any time, any place).

2.4    If you do not know, or have forgotten, please read how to log Activities


3.1    How do I know that I comply with all NHSA requirements to Maintain my Dedicated Status ?

3.2    What happens if I do not annually comply with the rules to maintain dedicated status ?

3.3    Why is it to my own advantage to log all activities I participate in, and not only the minimum required to maintain my dedicated status ?  

3.4    How are Activity entries Evaluated ?


4.1   This is the official unconditional stance of NHSA.  However, accreditation in effect means that NHSA is an extension of SAPS's legal responsibility to control firearms in this country. 

4.2   NHSA procedures are electronic and our members mostly participate on their own or in small numbers.  We also do not have branches like other associations where members can verify the activities of each other.  All activity entries must, therefore please be accompanied by the attached activity confirming documents showing clearly that the reporting member had participated in that specific activity or event on a specific day or days over a specified time (i.e. the 4 days of a hunting trip). 


5.1    We really cannot make the legally prescribed procedure of maintaining dedicated status simpler and more convenient to comply with than what is presented above, without starting to circumvent the prescribed legal process.

5.2    As the above arrangements are important for NHSA to retain its accreditations and to conform with the legal prescripts attached to its accreditations, we ask members to please be diligent in attaching verifiable confirmation documents of their activities.  Please do not be affronted if after having been asked once to conform, your incorrect entries are declined.  NHSA cannot protect one member's dedicated status to the detriment of more than 33,000 other members whose legal firearm ownership comes into play immediately if our accreditations come into contention. 

5.3    It is our considered opinion that if you would find the above procedures to difficult to comply with, it might be time for you to seriously consider reducing the number of firearms you own so as not to have to conform with the legal requirements attached to owning more than four firearms (or a semi-auto rifle or shotgun - or three handguns).