By annually maintaining your dedicated status by 30 November, you ascertain your compliancy with all FCA and its Regulations related rules of NHSA re the maintaining of dedicated status up to 30 November the following year. 

Just Two Steps to annually ascertain the maintenance of your dedicated status with NHSA 

STEP ONE:   Ascertain your membership is paid up for the reporting year (you must at least be paid-up on the annual reporting date, 30 November, of every reporting year).

STEP TWO:   Report any THREE of the activities as are indicated below, in any combination, on the Activities Report Page on your Personal Natshoot Profile Page before 30 November annually as minimum activity requirements to retain your dedicated status

Dedicated Hunters are required to report at least three activities, each entered with an attached confirmation document(s) showing that the member participated in that activity on that date  (see list of possible Activities in 4.1 & 4.3 below)

Dedicated Sport-persons are required to report at least three activities, each entered with an attached confirmation document(s) showing that the member participated in that activity on that date (see list of possible Activities in 4.2 & 4.3 below)

Dedicated Hunter & Sport-persons are required to report at least three activities, each entered with an attached confirmation document(s) showing that the member participated in that activity on that date (see list of possible Activities in 4.1, 4.2 & 4.3 below)

*See videos below for confirmation documents on activities*


1.   The Basics

Please read the Legal Responsibilities Attached to Holding Dedicated Status with NHSA

NHSA accepted appropriate dedicated activities are understood to be a hunting or sport shooting related activity or event as described below.

The reported activity or event must be:

- strictly legal;

- clearly firearm related as understood in terms of a firearms described in Section 13, 15 and 16 of the FCA;

- clearly hunting related, or clearly sport shooting related.

Unit standards completed for proficiency training are not perceived to be hunting and/or sport shooting related activities, as these are related to the acquisition of competency to own firearms.

Bowhunting can, unfortunately, not be acknowledged or approved as a hunting related activity.  Neither can bow shooting be acknowledged or approved as a sport shooting activity.  The use of a bow is not firearm related as described in Section 13, 15 or 16 of the FCA.

You may use the Dedicated Reports you have submitted to other accredited associations as proving documents for the activities you enter for NHSA, subject to the following conditions

Basic Rules:

1.1   Multiples of targets shot on one day (albeit with different calibres) are calculated as one activity as it is not the targets shot, which constitute the recognized activity, but the fact that the member was active at the shooting range on that day (remember Postal Shoots are also accepted as activities towards maintaining dedicated status - please just write in the postal target scores under Scores on you Natshoot Profile Page - it will automatically transfer as approved activity to your Activities page when approved under scores).

1.2   A hunt which took place on one day is calculated as one activity;

1.3   A hunt which took place over multiple days is calculated in units of two days as being equal to one activity (date left from home to hunting venue and date left from hunting venue to home included).

1.4  Game ranch / farm owners may send a copy of the first page of their title deed with their name and farm / ranch name on it, as well as of their ID, to and apply for recognition to enter hunts on such ranches / farms without every time having to attach additional confirmation of their hunting activity on their own property (it is difficult to issue a hunt permission letter to oneself). 

1.4.1 Game ranch / farm employees who hunt on the ranch / farm where they work on a continuous basis, follow the same procedure as mentioned above, with the exception that the ranch / farm owner must indicate that the reporting member works on the ranch / farm.

1.4.2  Exco will recognise each application individually, and the reporting member will be requested to every time enter the name of the Exco approved ranch / farm with the entry and attach the Email in which his/her farm/ranch is recognised as hunting fam/ranch, to the specific entry as adequate confirmation documentation of the hunt (or culling or management of damage causing animals).

1.5   Members can attach up to three confirmation documents at each activity entry (these also serve as a system of record keeping for the member self).

1.6   Dedicated Members are welcome to attach the annual reports they have submitted to another accredited association they might also belong to, as confirmation of their dedicated activities. However, attaching an Annual Report meant for another accredited association is, in itself, not verification of the activities mentioned on that report, unless the activity is clearly shown to be verified by the association it was intended for.  You can read the reasons for this proviso HERE

1.7   Use your activities report to be more than just a process to maintain your dedicated status, because proof of use of firearms are very important at renewal of firearm licences - read why that is so HERE

1.8   Special note to Dedicated Hunters who are also Professional Hunters and/or Outfitters:  Regulation 4(1)(e)(ii) prohibits an accredited hunting association to award dedicated hunter status to a member if the association is aware of the fact that the dedicated member, does hunting related work (like PH work or field guiding) with Section 15 or Section 16 licenced firearms.

1.9   Reporting Dedicated Activities in year Dedicated Status was attained: At NHSA members who attain dedicated status in a particular year, do not have to submit dedicated activities to maintain their status for that specific year.  Dedicated activities to maintain status must thus only be entered for the year following the year in which the status was attained (either per course or per RPL-process) . 

Despite requiring documentary verification for activity entries to be approved, it is accepted that dedicated members understand that all entries for dedicated activities are also Sworn Statements, due to the legal implications attached to a member's holding, and NHSA awarding, dedicated status.


2.   Logging your Dedicated Activities

2.1   NHSA accepts ALL Hunting, Sport Shooting or Firearm related activities our members participate in, anywhere in the world, to count towards maintenance of their dedicated status.  All we ask is that you enter your dated activities under specific headings for purposes of our annual statistical analysis of our member's firearm related participation profile.

2.2   Log activities under the left side-menu inscription, Activity Reports, on your Personal Natshoot Profile Page, where you will be directed, step-by-step, to the correct heading under which to enter your activity, be that for maintenance of dedicated status or for updating your personal Activities & Scores Report (see My NHSA Documents page on your Profile Page).

2.3   Important Note: All activity entries MUST please be provided with a clear date of activity; either printed on the attached activity confirmation document, or on a receipt with the date of the activity on it, or a letter from an accompanying friend stating that s/he vouches for the activity taking place on that specific day, or the date & name written on a practice target, or proof of days indicated for the duration of a hunting trip. 

2.4   Members will be requested to re-enter any activity with dated confirmation documents, if the original entry is not accompanied by the required date of activity clearly indicated in one or other manner on activity proving documentation.

2.5   By not complying with this request, the entry will remain as a "Pending" entry on a member's activities report, and can thus not count towards maintenance of that member's dedicated status, until corrected. 


3.   Logging of Scores for Postal Shooting Exercises

3.1   Remember that scores of postal target shooting targets, which you can download at the various postal shooting exercises, are entered under Scores on your Personal Natshoot Profile Page and not under Target Shooting as a Sport Shooting Related Activity.  When the scores for the postal targets shot on one day are approved under Scores, the day's visit to the shooting range (not the number of targets shot on the day) will reflect as approved activity under your Activity Reports.  The individual postal scores you have entered will, however, reflect as such on your Activities & Scores Report in any case (you thus get two or more entries on your Activities & Scores Report for this one activity).

3.2   Please do not enter postal shooting targets under Sport Shooting Related Activities - the entry will invariably be declined, as postal target shooting and ordinary target shooting are not similar activities.


 4.   List of Activities

Click on the links below to see what the content of each of the headings entail, and to see examples of proving documentation, which you could attached to each activity entry. 

4.1   Hunt Related Activities

    Hunting of Furred Game (i.e. hunting of impala, kudu, etc.)

    Hunting of Feathered Game (i.e. hunting of ducks, geese, guineafowl, etc.)

    Damage Causing Animal Control (i.e managing porcupines, jackal, caracal, etc.)

    Culling of Game Animals (Game Management)

    Attending a Hunters' Training Course

    Hunting Rifle Target Practice

    Sighting of a Hunting Rifle Scope

    Attending Gundog Training

    If you hunt on your own game farm / ranch follow this procedure

4.2   Sport Shooting Related Activities

    Organised Shooting Competition (Non-NHSA - included are Range Officer Duties performed at such competitions)

    Organised Shooting Event (Non-NHSA - included are Range Officer Duties performed at such events)

    Sport Shooting Training Course

    Sport Shooting Target Practice

    Long Distance Shooting Course

    Tactical Firearm Training

4.3   Additional Hunt & Sport Shooting Related Activities

    Development of a Hunting & Sport Shooting Load

    Reloading of Hunting & Sport Shooting Ammunition

    Attend a Reloading Course

    Attend an Expo or Show (hunting, sport shooting or firearm related)

    Attend a Meeting (hunting, sport shooting or collectors related)

    Non-Active Report


Video examples on confirmation documentation of activities

 Sport Shooting Related                                     

Hunt Related

Reloading and Load Development


5.   Evaluating of Activity Entries

5.1   Evaluation of Activity Entries and Feedback to Members


6.   Absolute MUST KNOW Information

6.1   What hapens if I fail to comply ?  Read HERE

6.2   How can I re-instate my dedicated status after I have failed to comply ?  Read HERE


7.   Valuable Additional Information

7.1   How do I log my Activities to Maintain my Dedicated Status ?   Read HERE

7.2   How do I know that I comply with all NHSA requirements to Maintain my Dedicated Status ?  Read HERE

7.3   Why should I enter all activities I participate in, and not only those required to maintain my dedicated status ?   Read HERE


8.   NHSA Unconditionally Accepts the Word of its Members

8.1   This is the official stance of NHSA.  However, accreditation in effect means that NHSA is an extension of SAPS's legal responsibility to control firearms in this country.  SAPS has, therefore, indicated that they would prefer it if additional confirmation documents are attached to all electronic activity entries so that the activity entry can be verified.  Remember all NHSA procedures are electronic and our members mostly participate on their own or in small numbers.  We also do not have branches like other associations where members can verify the activities of each other.

8.2   For a member’s dedicated activities to be approved by NHSA, an entry must, therefore, with no exception, please be accompanied by attached activity confirming documents showing clearly that the reporting member had participated in that specific activity or event on a specific day or days over a specified time (i.e. the 4 days of a hunting trip). 

8.3   Confirmation documentation must please be scanned in PDF format or please be presented in photographic format (i.e. a cell phone photo with the date of the activity on the photo itself or on a piece of paper in the photo subject - a mere photo with a hunter and an impala or of a person at a target says nothing, as it could have been taken at any time, any place).


We really cannot make the legally prescribed process of maintaining dedicated status more simple and more convenient to comply with than what is presented above, without starting to circumvent the prescribed legal process.

As the above arrangements are important for NHSA to retain its accreditations, and to conform with the legal prescripts attached to its accreditations, we ask members to please be diligent in attaching verifiable confirmation documents of their activities.  Please do not be affronted if after having been asked once to conform, your incorrect entries are denied.  NHSA cannot protect one member's dedicated status to the detriment of more than 22,000 other members whose legal firearm ownership comes into play immediately if our accreditations come into contention. 

It is our considered opinion that if you would find the above procedures to difficult to comply with, it might be time for you to seriously consider reducing the number of firearms you own so as not to have to conform with the legal requirements attached to owning more than four firearms (or a semi-auto rifle or shotgun).