1.1    Each day of a hunting excursion is counted as one activity irrespective of a game animal being hunted or not (the days over which the hunting excursion took place constitute the activities and not the number of animals harvested - one hunting excursion of 4 days thus constitute 4 hunting activities). 

1.2   Scores of official NHSA Postal Target Shooting exercises are entered on the Scores page of your Natshoot Member Page.  All official Natshoot Postal Target Shooting count towards maintaining dedicated sport shooting status

1.3   A NHSA practice target and/or any other target shot on a publicly acknowledged shooting range or NHSA Exco Recognised private shooting range, is entered under Activities (sport shooting - i.e. target practice) OR under Activities (hunting activities - i.e. target shooting).  You decide where you want to let your specific practice target count for you (i.e. if you go on a hunting excursion, you log the hunting excursion under hunting and the target you use to zero your scope on the hunting farm before the hunt, as a sport shooting activity)

1.4   All approved NHSA postal shooting scores shot on one occasion, of which the scores have been entered on a member's Scores page, will automatically transfer as one day's approved activity to a member's Activities page.

1.5   All approved NHSA practice targets shot on one occasion, which were entered under sport shooting or hunting activities (target practice) will automatically be calculated as one day's approved activity on a member's Activities page - see the difference between NHSA Postal Targets and NHSA Practice Targets Here

Note:  The visit to the shooting range is the accepted activity, not the number of targets shot on one day.  Shooting with different calibres or types of firearms on one day thus does not count as separate activities.  But enter all as it reflects to your advantage on your NHSA Activities & Scores Report.

1.6    Air Pistols / Rifles:   All Air Pistol / Rifles are in the FCA considered to be firearms from calibres 5,56mm and larger.   Postal shooting Scores and/or Activities entered for air rifles from calibre 5,56mm and larger thus count towards annual maintaining one's dedicated status and will be Approved as these Air Pistols / Rifles are legally considered to be firearms.  Postal shooting Scores and/or Activities entered for air pistols / rifles in calibres below 5,56mm (i.e. 4,5mm or 5,5mm) cannot count towards annually maintaining one's dedicated status as those air pistols / rifles are not considered to be firearms under the FCA.  Evaluation of Scores and/or Activities for last mentioned air pistols / rifles will be Acknowledged so that the activity will still reflect on a member's Activities & Scores report as an activity.

1.7   Unit standards completed for proficiency training and competency are not perceived to be hunting and/or sport shooting related activities, as these are related to the acquisition of competency to own firearms for personal use and/or business.

1.8  Bow hunting or bow shooting cannot be accepted as an activity to maintain dedicated status as they are not firearm-related activities.  Members may, however, enter all bow hunting excursions on their Activities page to be recognized and to reflect on their Activities & Scores Report (indicated as Acknowledged).

1.9   You may use the Dedicated Reports you have submitted to other accredited associations as documents to confirm the activities you enter for NHSA, but approval is subject to the following conditions

1.10   Members do not have to submit dedicated activities to maintain their status for the specific year in which they attain dedicated status with NHSA (either per course or per RPL-process).  Dedicated activities are to be entered from the following year.

1.11  NOTE to Dedicated Hunters who are also Professional Hunters and/or Outfitters:  Regulation 4(1)(e)(ii) prohibits an accredited hunting association to award dedicated hunter status to a member if the association is aware of the fact that the dedicated member, does hunting-related work (like PH work or Field guiding) with Section 16 licensed hunting firearms.  If you are a PH or do Field Guiding, please log only private hunts to maintain dedicated status.

1.12  Please be sure to read your legal responsibilities attached to holding and maintaining dedicated status

At Natshoot we accept that dedicated members understand that each dedicated activity they log, is as good as a Sworn Statement due to the legal aspects attached to acquiring and maintaining dedicated status.