How to Enter Activities


Step 1: Click on Login (top right of Natshoot Website frame)

Step 2:  Use the cell phone number you have registered with NHSA as your user-ID (top line), and your ID number as your password (bottom line) (no spaces between numbers); click on Login button.

Step 3:  Click on Activities button on your Natshoot Member Portal.

Step 4:  Follow the instructions on the screen and complete each field required.

Step 5:  Attach confirmation documentation at the Browse buttons at the bottom of the page just above the submit button.

Step 6:  Click on submit report

Your entered activities will then be displayed on the table on you Activities page.

Safely keep all documents, which prove the content of the activities you have logged, as you will be required to submit proof to SAPS when you would want to use the list of activities you have entered on your personal pages.

In the event that NHSA or SAPS could require you to furnish proof of the activities you have logged, you will then be in a position to do so.