NHSA Shooters-Digest - News flash



The NHSA Shooters'-Digest is a collection of regularly posted topical or just interesting information on all things firearms use related.

(i.e. things like the basics of reloading to specialised reloading - like fitting telescopes on rifles and handguns, and setting them for hunting and/or target shooting - like firearm safety on the range on in the hunting field - or just announcing events, which may be presented in your vicinity)


NHSA Shooters'-Digest (01/2019 - 2019/04/03):  Hunting Season - Time to Hunt

NHSA Shooters'-Digest (02/2018 - 2018/10/15):  Long Range Shooting Challenge to NHSA

NHSA Shooters'-Digest (01/2018 - 2018-09-11):  Events Calendar & NHSA Competition

 NHSA Shooters'-Digest (01/2020 - 2020-11-03):  Amnesty, dedicated status and more