1.    Regulation 4(1)(c) of the FCA requires accredited associations to have a system in place by way of which they can regularly and appropriately be informed of their dedicated members' dedicated activities in a specific year (hunters and/or sport-persons) (see why it is legally required to annually maintain dedicated status)

2.   At Natshoot activities to be reported to maintain dedicated status are the minimum two annual activities required to maintain dedicated hunter status, or the minimum two annual activities required to maintain dedicated sports-person status (as was agreed with SAPS in 2006 at the Hunters/SAPS Consultative Forum).

3.    A Non-Active report in respect of dedicated hunter or dedicated sports-person status for a specific year submitted before the last day of a dedicated member's birthday month of the reporting year, has the effect that a dedicated member will be regarded as having complied with the requirements to maintain dedicated status for a specific year (please be sure to read here though).

4.     As from 1 January 2021 Natshoot will keep a dedicated member's dedicated status in place for ONE year only if s/he does not comply for that year.  A Dedicated Member who for two consecutive years does not comply with the requirements to either report adequate activities per annum or is not paid-up on the last day of his/her birthday month of the reporting year, is self responsible for automatically losing his/her Dedicated Status on the first day of the month following the member's birthday month following the second consecutive year of non-compliance.

5.    A member who has lost his/her dedicated status as per paragraph 4 will be notified by Email of this situation during January of the year following the suspension of his/her dedicated status with Natshoot.

Follow these steps once you have per Email been informed that your dedicated hunter and/or sports-person status has been withdrawn

6.   A dedicated member who had lost his/her dedicated status as explained in 4 above may apply to NHSA Exco for re-instatement of his/her status not later than 1 March after receipt of the official Natshoot Email informing him/her that his/her dedicated status has been suspended.

7.    The member may then submit a full explanation of proven reasons why Exco should consider his/her request for re-instatement of his/her dedicated member status.  Such applications must be sent to [email protected]If, however, NHSA Exco sees it fit, the member may be required to explain him/herself to Exco verbally via an electronic internet meeting scheduled for this purpose (a member will be informed timeously if last-mentioned meeting is required).

8.  Applications for re-instatement received after 1 March of the year following loss of dedicated status, will only be accepted by Exco in highly exceptional instances.

9.  If successful in having dedicated status re-instated, NHSA Exco will inform CFR in writing that the specific member’s dedicated status has been re-instated, indicating the reasons for that decision, plus the mitigations NHSA Exco had put in place to ascertain that the member will in future adhere to the relevant legal prescripts related to this matter.   This procedure is necessary because Natshoot would have by the end of December the previous year reported to CFR that the specific member has forfeited dedicated status because of non-compliance.

10.  If unsuccessful in seeking re-instatement of dedicated status, the member will have to re-do the dedicated courses with NHSA (hunting and/or sport-person), if s/he would want NHSA to award dedicated status to him/her again.

11.   If a member has been unsuccessful in having his/her dedicated status re-instated, no RPL recognition of his/her possible dedicated hunter or sports-person status with another accredited association will be considered for re-awarding dedicated status with Natshoot. 

Note 1:  Members who stand to lose dedicated status due to non-compliance with the Natshoot policy prescripts, are again made aware of the serious consequences related to losing dedicated status because of non-compliance.

Note 2:  In terms of Section 26(1) of the FCA, it is the responsibility of the person who had lost dedicated status in the above described manner, to, within 30 days after loss of said status, notify the SAPS (CFR) of the change in his/her circumstances re the legal ownership of his/her firearms.  Use the SAPS 521(c) form - Change of is Circumstances Form.