Non-Active Report



Acceptable report: dedicated members may submit a non-active report if the reporting member could, due to personal circumstances, not participate in any two of the accepted appropriate dedicated activities as mentioned in 4 above, in a specific reporting year. 

Proving documentation: medical records regarding major operations or ill health caused by accident or disease; flight tickets or passport dates proving being out of country without being able to do any hunting and/or sport shooting; firearms(s) being repaired by gunsmith (or stolen); severe family disruptions causing the reporting member not to be able to get to a shooting range; or any well motivated reason for not being able to participate in just two activities in a specific year.

Note 1:  non-active reports also must be submitted by the end of a dedicated member's birthday month annually.

Note 2:  all non-active reports will be evaluated by Exco before any such entry will be approved.

Note 3:  a non-active report submitted for a second year in succession, will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances with well written motivation and with complete and relevant proving documentation attached, and directed at NHSA Exco.

Exclusions:  my business kept me to busy; or it is to expensive to participate; or I just could not get to the range; or my shoulder was dislocated without medical proof that it kept the reporting member from shooting for a whole year, is not accepted as a good enough reason for a non-active report.

Comment:    it is an open question if one must retain the right to own more than four firearms under Section 16 if one cannot, for the examples of reasons given under exclusions above, at least shoot 15, 22LR shots per annum.  It is accepted that it could happen that one cannot afford range costs and the cost of 15, .22LR rounds in a given year (but one can surely ask a friend for a few .22 rounds now and then). 


This is the cryptic reason our member writes why he was forced to submit a Non-Active Report for 2016: -  Extensive Travel throughout 2016 to both Joburg as well as to Nepal for business. I work in a consulting environment which is project based. Unfortunately we are currently busy with a project in Nepal which has resulted in international travel. I have attached all the relevant dates and flight bookings as proof. I am also happy to restart the process towards dedicated status should the NHSA decide not to approve the non-active report that I am submitting. warmest regards signed by member

Our member then attaches 23 pages of proving documentation confirming his continuous travel throughout the year which caused him not to be able to enter any activity for 2016.  Exco approved our member's Non-Active report.  There is no manner in which Exco can require the member to re-do his dedicated courses training.  An example of one of his many submitted flight tickets below: