Maintain Dedicated Status


VOL. 16 (51) - 09-10-2020



Do you know how the current maintenance of your dedicated status works?

If you know that one needs 2 activities per dedicated status and that your membership fees need to be paid up past 30 November of each year.

Then you can relax and keep on sailing.

If your dedicated status was issued in this current year, you are in good standing for 2020.

You then only need to submit activities as from 1 December 2020, before 30 November 2021.

If you are not sure, please give us a moment to satisfy your hunger for more shooting!

It’s quite simple really, it’s only 2 steps:

  1. Get your 2 activities per status in and approved by Natshoot staff before 30 November
  2. Make sure that your membership is paid up past 30 November of each year

 If you’ve done the 2 steps above, then you are in good standing (compliant) for the current year.


What activities can you do for Hunt and Sport status?

 There is a whole lot to choose from

 You don’t even have to look very far… You are most probably doing it already.

  1. Any firearm-related activity; licensed under FCA section 13, 14, 15 or 16
  2. It must be legal
  3. Clearly Hunting OR Sport shooting related


View the following list of activities

Hunting related

Sport Shooting related

Please make sure you know the difference between the In-house Postal Shooting Targets and the Activity Practise Targets.

The In-house Postal Shooting Targets MUST be shot according to the rules on the relevant target and will only count towards your Dedicated Sport status (please do not use the In-house targets to practise on). Download In-House Postal Shooting targets

The Activity Practise Targets does not have rules on and can be shot at any distance, any amount of shots and with any caliber. The Activity Practise Targets can count towards your Dedicated Sport or Dedicated Hunter status. Download Activity Practise Targets

If you can not submit any activities for this current year, please submit a Non-active report on your member portal under the Activity report section

See video on explaining the compliancy or for more info on this topic, click on the Maintain dedicated status


Download the target below and show the virus who is in charge!


Please note that this email does not replace the Policy on maintaining the dedicated status


Natshoot Office