Activity Practice Targets



1.   All Activity Practice Target Shooting, are entered as Activities on your Natshoot Profile Page under the heading Activities, either as Sport Shooting Related Activity (target shooting) or as Hunting Related Activity (target shooting)Only copies of practice activity targets are acceptable as confirmation documents for entry of activity practice targets as activities.

2.   Members may use the NHSA Activity Practice Targets below or any other target they prefer to practice their shooting skills. 

3.   At submission, all Activity Practice Targets must please have the Initials and Surname of member on, the date the target was shot on, the calibre and type of firearm used, the name of the shooting range plus stamp if available, plus a witness signature which includes the cell phone number of the witness (if you can you may also include a copy of the receipt you received at the range on that day).  Correct confirmation documentation is important for appropriate evaluation purposes.

4.   Official NHSA Postal Targets or targets for Dedicated Courses may not be used for Activity Practice Target Shooting. 

5.   Entries made under Activities for Sport Shooting with official NHSA Postal Shooting or Dedicated Course Targets will be Declined.

6.   Any Publicly Recognised Shooting Range:  Members may use ANY publicly recognised shooting range - see List of NHSA Friendly Shooting Ranges in your vacinity.

7.  Recognised Private Shooting Ranges:  Members who do not have realistic access to any publicly recognised shooting range may apply for permission to shoot on their own private / farm shooting range: Follow this procedure please

8.   Members are requested to keep originals of electronically submitted Activity Practice Targets for at least three months after submission, and to ascertain that they keep documentation which can serve as confirmation that a specific target was shot on a specific range on a specific day for verification purposes by the NHSA office, should that be required (i.e. receipt, range stamp with date on target, photo of range register of the day, day shooter sticker issued at clubs, etc.).

9.   Please make sure you write the correct date on which a postal target was shot, on your target when you submit the score.  Also make sure the date the witness signes on the target is the same as the date on which you indicate you shot the target.


A4, NHSA 20m Air Rifle Activity Practice Target - Download Target Here

A4, NHSA All Firearms Hunting and/or Sport Shooting Activity Practice Target - Download Target Here

A4, NHSA All Handgun Activity Practice Target - Download Target Here

A4 NHSA Hunting and/or Sport Shooting Scope Setting Activity Target -  Download Target Here

A4 Hunting and/or Sport Shooting Gerrie Meintjes' Metric Range Target - Download Target Here

A4 Genl. John Lizamore .22 Rifle Activity Practice Target - Download Target Here


Covid-19 Activity Practice Target - Download Target Here


SCORE SHEET:  Activity Practice Centre-Fire Handgun Steel Plate & Gong Shooting

SCORE SHEET:  Activity Practice Centre-Fire Rifle Steel Plate & Gong Shooting