Paragraph 8


8.1   Procedures for entry of dedicated activities, on a member’s Activities Page on his/her Personal Natshoot Profile Page, can be found HERE. 

8.2   Members are urged to enter all their activities on this page as these entries do not only go towards maintenance of dedicated status.  Entries also go towards the completion of a member’s official NHSA Activities & Scores Report, which is a very useful document which can be used to prove participation when applying for new licences or for renewal thereof (read why this is important HERE).

8.3   A NHSA members’ continuously updated official NHSA Activities & Scores Report can be downloaded from the My NHSA Documents page on his/her Personal Natshoot Profile Page whenever needed.

NOTE - the scores of targets of the Postal Target Shooting Exercises are entered under Scores on a member's Profile Page - remember the activity of being on the shooting range counts as the activity and not the number of targets shot on a specific day - the shooting range activity will automatically reflect as an Approved entry on a member's Activities Page once the Postal Score has been Approved on the member's Scores page.

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