One has to renew one's firearm licences one or other time.   Section 24(3) of the FCA stipulates the following:  No application for the renewal of a licence may be granted unless the applicant shows that he or she has continued to comply with the requirements for the licence in terms of this Act.  Words to the exact same effect can be found at bullet point 6 on Annexure A, which has to accompany your SAPS518(a) form, "Application for Renewal of a Licence". 

In fact, there is quite a large space on the Annexure with the words: "Motivation that I did continue to comply with the purpose for which the firearm has been originally licenced".  With the words in brackets just after that sentence (Applicant to provide supporting documents to substantiate his/her motivation).   

Log all your activities diligently, which will ascertain that you can easily comply with the requirements indicated above,.  That is eactly what your Activities & Scores Report is meant to prove if constantly updated by you.  

Download your daily updated Activities & Scores Report from your Certificates page on your Personal Natshoot Profile Page, and attach it to your new licence application, or to your application for renewal of a licence, as it officially proves your association verified activities and thus the continued use of your firearms for the purposes you originally motivated their use for.

See an example of the NHSA Activities and Scores Report HERE and see the value of this report for yourself.