Please Read the NHSA Policy re the Requirements to Maintain Dedicated Status and to Remain Compliant

On the Activities page of your Personal Natshoot Web Page you log all your activities as you participate therein (make entry as soon as possible after each activity as it is the easiest to remember details of the activity)

Do not log In-House Postal Target Shooting scores under Activities - Log only non-NHSA sport shooting or non-NHSA Competition targets and scores on the Activity page.

The information you enter here will always be available as Activities & Scores Report to print from your Certificats Page in PDF-format, whenever you need the information for whatever reason (great document to attach to your licence application every time as it shows participation) 

There are no other places where you can log your annual activities as a dedicated hunter and/or sports-person or as an occasional hunter and/or sports-person - you thus keep this page up to date at your own responsibility.

As you enter your activities the system will automatically calculate your compliancy for the maintenance of your dedicated status according to the prescripts described in the NHSA Policy Document re the Maintenance of Dedicated Status. 

One maintains dedicated status by being paid-up and by reporting the 3 appropriate and accepted dedicated activties before 31 December for a specific year (i.e. 2014), in order to be compliant up to 31 December for the following year (i.e. 2015).  In the example, one must then again be paid-up and report 3 activities for 2015, in order to remain compliant for 2016.  Your activities page will always show whether you are compliant for a specific year or not.


 Failure to comply with the requirement to submit an annual activities report by 31 December every year, will automatically cost the member his/her dedicated status by January the following year.  Thus in a technical legal manner effectively meaning that such a member will illegally be in possession of at least some of his/her firearms, unless s/he has the equivalent status with another accredited association.

Take Note that SAPS (CFR) must by Law be advised of members who loose dedicated status.

This procedure has no bearing on NHSA membership if the member is paid-up.

Step 1: Click on Login Button (top right of Natshoot Website frame)

Step 2:  Type in your cell phone number you have with NHSA as user-ID and your ID number as passowrd (no spaces between numbers); click on Log in button.

Step 3:  Click on Activity reports button - left side of page, then click on + Submit Activity, button.

Step 4:  Follow the instructions on the screen as drop-down after drop-down window opens, and fill in the relevant information.

Step 5: Attach proving documentation at the Browse buttons on the bottom end of the page.

Step 6: Click on submit report

Your entered activities will then be displayed on the table at you activities page.

You MUST always attach proof of the activities you enter.

Safely keep all documents, which prove the content of the activities you have logged, as you will be required to submit proof to SAPS when you would want to use the list of activities you have entered on your personal pages.