Paragraph 4



NHSA Accepted & Appropriate Dedicated Activities are understood to be a hunting or sport shooting related activity or event as described below.

The reported activity or event must be:

- strictly legal;

- clearly firearm related as understood in terms of the use of firearms as described in Sections 13, 15 and 16 of the FCA;

- clearly hunting related, or clearly sport shooting related.

For a member’s dedicated activities to be approved by NHSA, an entry MUST, with no exception, be accompanied by attaching documentary confirmation clearly showing that the reporting member had participated in that activity or event (proving documentation must thus be presentable in a court of law).  Proving documentation must be scanned in PDF format (or a take a cell phone photo) before being attached to entries please (see details of activities, and of relevant examples below).

This is the only way in which NHSA can responsibly verify that the activity was conducted by the member on said date and place as required by Law, as all our communications in this regard are conducted electronically.  We also do not have branches where members come together to formally participate in a specific event which can then be verified as activity participated in there and then.


NHSA accepts all Hunting, Sport Shooting or Firearm related activity our members participate in.  Please just enter these activities under the appropriate heading indicated below.

Log activities under the left side-menu inscription, Activity Reports, on your Personal Natshoot Profile Page, where you will be directed to the correct inscription, be that for maintenance of dedicated status or for updating your personal Activities & Scores Report.

Click on the links below to see what each inscription entails, and to see examples of confirmation documentation required at each entry. 


Hunt Related Activities

    Hunting of Furred Game (i.e. hunting of impala, kudu, etc.)

    Hunting of Feathered Game (i.e. hunting of ducks, geese, guineafowl, etc.)

    Damage Causing Animal Control (i.e managing porcupines, jackal, caracal, etc.)

    Culling of Game Animals (Game Management)

    Attending a Hunters' Training Course

    Hunting Rifle Target Practice

    Sighting of a Hunting Rifle Scope

    Attending Gundog Training

  Sport Shooting Related Activities

    Organised Shooting Competition (Non-NHSA)

    Organised Shooting Event (Non-NHSA)

    Sport Shooting Training Course

    Sport Shooting Target Practice

    Long Distance Shooting Course

    Tactical Firearm Training

Additional Hunt & Sport Shooting Related Activities

    Development of a Hunting & Sport Shooting Load

    Reloading of Hunting & Sport Shooting Ammunition

    Attend a Reloading Course

    Attend an Expo or Show (hunting, sport shooting or firearm related)

    Attend a Meeting (hunting, sport shooting or collectors related)

    Non-Active Report