Accepted appropriate dedicated activity: strictly only target practice with a hunting rifle to prepare for the hunt (can be on a shooting range or the hunting farm before the hunt).

Proving documentation: Receipt of the shooting range, range register inscriptions, practice target with range name, name and date written on it, with signature of witness to verify the target was shot on the day at the place indicated (photo of target must have date printed on it or must be copied into a Word document with all information of the target practice written on the Word document).

Note 1:  target practice is to be conducted in a formal manner on an accepted shooting range or on a NHSA Exco approved farm range.

Exclusions 1:  shooting of tin cans or box targets behind the dam wall is not perceived to constitute target practice as an appropriate dedicated activity, as only sport shooting on publically acknowledge ranges or on an Exco approved farm/private ranges are perceived to constitute sport shooting.

Download NHSA Practice Targets