Paragraph 3


Reporting year for dedicated activities = activities between 1 December and 30 November the following year

3.1   At NHSA the absolute last date to report annual dedicated activities on, is 30 November of the reporting year (please make sure you read paragraph 6 below).

3.2   No dedicated activities for a specific year, entered after 30 November (i.e. on 3 December) will count towards a dedicated member's maintainance of dedicated status for the reporting year.  Such late entries will be indicated as an Acknowledged activity only, as such entries cannot now count towards maintaining dedicated status for the year they are entered in.

3.3   Thus, activities entered between 1 December 2017 and 30 November 2018 (as example), count towards a dedicated member's maintenance of dedicated status for 2018 (the reporting year), and making that dedicated member compliant till 30 November 2019 (the year following the reporting year). 

3.4   Reporting of dedicated activities for a specific year thus entails accepted and appropriate activities which were participated in between 1 December of the reporting year, up to 30 November the year following the reporting year.

3.5   All activities entered reflect on a dedicated member's Activities & Scores Report on the "Certificates Page" of a member's Personal Natshoot Profile Page, as NHSA verified activities (be such activities Approved, Acknowledged or Declined) (see paragraph 4).

3.6   Any entry of an activity, be that going towards maintaining dedicated status or just for inclusion on a member’s Natshoot Activities & Scores Reports, may at any time be queried by NHSA office personnel if clarity re that entry is needed (see NHSA's legal responsibility re awarding dedicated status to its members - see paragraph 3).

3.7   Dedicated members do not have to enter activities towards maintaining dedicated status in the year in which they attain said status at NHSA (be it that they completed the NHSA dedicated status courses, or if they have been awarded dedicated status on grounds of RPL). They only start submitting dedicated activity reports counting towards maintaining dedicated status from 1 December in the year following the year in which they had attained dedicated status with NHSA. But please always enter all your activities as it is to your own benefit to "populate" your Natshoot Activities & Scores Report (see "Certificates" on your Personal Natshoot Profile Page).

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