Paragraph 6


6.1   The failure of a dedicated member to comply with the requirement to submit a complete activities report on or before 30 November annually, will automatically cost that member his/her dedicated status by 1 January the following year (irrespective of him/her being a paid-up or life member). 

6.2   Members who fall in this unfortunate category, will on or before 15 December be notified per Email that their dedicated status is not maintained for the previous year, and that they are therefore also non-compliant up to 30 November the following year.

6.3   NHSA must by Law report on our dedicated members to CFR on 31 December annually.  We cannot fail to send the names of dedicated members who have lost dedicated status to CFR, as it immediately brings the accreditation of NHSA into contention (see Regulations 4(c) and 4(d)). 

6.4   If the accreditation of NHSA comes into contention, it will mean that the continued legal firearms ownership of all our members will immediately also be brought into contention.  We do not want to go there, as such a situation immediately makes the Executive Chairman liable and charges can be brought against him by all NHSA members, for mismanagement of the association's legal responsibilities !  The Executive Chairman is on record as not being prepared to get into such a situation.