Reporting of Dedicated Activities for 2019

NHSA Newsletter

VOL. 15 (24) - 30-10-2019


Dear member,

Members who hold dedicated hunter and/or sports-person status with NHSA, must please remember to log all their 2019 dedicated activities before midnight on 30 November 2019 so that their dedicated status can be maintained till 30 November 2020.

If you are uncertain of how you should go about entering dedicated activities, or which activities you may enter, click on the link below.   It will take you to the web page where the process and all procedures are explained:

English web page -

Afrikaanse webblad -

NOTE:  The process and procedures for the proposed firearms amnesty has not yet been published in the Government Gazette.   We shall let members know how that process will affect firearm owners with expired white licences which were not renewed on time the moment we have seen the official declaration of the amnesty.

Please be safe at all times!

Natshoot Office

This contents of this Newsletter sent to all members via Email on of 30 October 2019.