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VOL. 14 (31) - 17-09-2018


Dear member,

A friendly reminder to all our members with dedicated hunter and/or sport-person status to please remember that 30 November 2018 is the final date for reporting of 2018 dedicated activities in order to maintain your dedicated status up to 30 November 2019.

Please do not default on this request.  We, unfortunately, have no other option than to, on 1 December 2018, take legally prescribed uncompromising action against dedicated members who do not adhere to the legal requirement of being paid-up on or past 30 November 2018, and who did not report at least three activities for 2018.

It is really unnecessary to find oneself in this kind of position, as one’s legal ownership of one’s prized firearms is immediately put into contention!

Because of the high number of records we have to check, we shall, unfortunately, not be able to accept any dedicated activity entries for 2018 after 30 November 2018.  Please do not put yourself, and us, in a compromised situation on this aspect.

Please make sure you again read the web page where the NHSA procedures attached to maintaining dedicated status are explained:

English - Please read HERE
       Afrikaans - Lees asb HIER

Dedicated members who received their status in 2018, do not have to enter dedicated activities as their dedicated status is automatically maintained until 30 November 2019. 

However, as always, we strongly advise that members enter all activities & postal shoot scores diligently.  It is absolutely in your best interest to populate your NHSA Activities & Scores Report for use when applying for a new firearm licence or when you have to renew firearm licences.

Kind regards
Natshoot Office

The content of this Newsletter sent to all members per Email on 17 September 2018