NHSA Member Hunting Statistics Reports.

 NHSA Newsletter

VOL. 13 (17) - 26-05-2017


Dear Member,

We are busy collating the hunting data on the species our members hunt as these are submited in hunt activity reports.

This, in an endeavour to assist Provinces with the gathering and holding of statistics regarding annual numbers of species hunted (something not all Provinces do well).

The use of a hunt permission letter as proving document when reporting a hunt as an activity, thus becomes even more important as it forms the basis from which stats are collected (Farmers do not always give one adequate documentation for our stats gathering purposes) - you can download such a form HERE

We kindly request members to please indicate the number and gender of the species they had hunted on their hunting permission forms please, when logging a hunt as an activity (it just makes for more complete stats). 

We realise that it is impossible to indicate gender in pigeons and doves and not always possible in other gamebird species either.  We therefore accept just an indication of the activity where pigeons and doves are reported - reporting forms for management of damage causing animals can be downloaded HERE

Reporting of numbers of all other gamebird species hunted, are important though. 

Groundbirds, ducks and geese hunting are logged as hunts with hunt permission forms please.

At NHSA we do not recognise management of damage causing animals, or culling of animals, as hunting.  These kind of activities are reported as Hunting Related Activities - please read HERE

Members are once again requested to please always attach a Hunt Permission Form when reporting a Hunt, or an official permit or Damage Causing Animal Management Form when entering Hunting Related Activities.


This Newsletter circulated to all members per Email on 26 May 2017