Hunt related

Accepted appropriate dedicated activity: culling; damage causing animal control; gundog training (i.e. the TVL HPR Club’s annual gundog training sessions); attendance of a reloading course; attendance of hunters training courses (furred or feathered game hunting); presentation of hunt training course with no remuneration; sighting of the scope of hunting rifle before the hunt.

Proving documentation: documents which prove participation in the accepted activities for date, time and place. 

Exclusion 1:  HPR dog field trials; collecting motivation from lawyer; buying hunting bows, or hunting clothes, or firearms; presenting a proficiency training course associated with hunting firearms; maintaining hunting bakkie, are not appropriate and 4.1 relevant dedicated activities to be entered under this heading.

Exclusion 2: shooting of loose running dogs in the veld on game ranches or farms; or snakes or finches or Mynas is not perceived to be hunting related activities to be entered under this heading, neither is shooting rats in the barn.

Download NHSA verification of activity document:  Management of Damage Causing Animals


Example of Accepted Practice Target

Range Register

Certificate proving attendance of hunt related training course

 Document announcing the event (activity - Gundog Training)


 Receipt for attendance of the Gundog Training Session