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NHSA Newsletter

VOL. 12 (39) - 12-08-2016


Dear member,

This is a revisit to Newsletters Vol.12(06) and Vol.12(34) pertaining to entering Postal Target Shooting Scores on your personal Natshoot web page.

Firstly, thank you very much for entering your postal target shooting scores diligently.  We have up to date, evaluated the scores of close on 11,500 target entries since the beginning of this year.  That is spectacular !

If you have not yet visited the new and extended Postal Target Shooting Exercises Page, now is the time – HERE

You will see we now make a distinction between FOUR target shooting exercise types:

Precision Target Shooting – all round targets - all handguns and rifles precision shooting  

Rapid Fire Target Shooting – all square targets - certain classes of handguns and all semi-auto rifles

Clay Target Shooting – all shotgun clay target shooting

Falling Steel Plate / Gong Shooting – score sheets - certain classes of handguns, rifles (up to 600m), and shotguns.

Each of these exercise types are divided into specific categories – click on the Links provided on the above mentioned web page.  Visit the web page now to familiarise yourself with the exercises you are interested in and which fit your specific firearms - HERE.

Also make an effort and re-read the How To Page of Postal Target Shooting – just to refresh your memory re all requirements of the Postal Shoots – HERE

As was indicated in Newsletter Vol.12(34), please remember that as from 15 August 2016 only the 2016 targets will be accepted when entering scores.   

The relevant targets can be downloaded at the link below after you have read the specifics of the exercise the targets pertain to - HERE

This means no 2012, 2013 or 2015 targets will be accepted or evaluated from 15 August - the enrties will be declined.  If you have scores you have not entered on older targets, please submit them and the scores quickly before coming Monday.

On entering scores, you will see that the new scores entry system reflects the exact same name for the exercise as that printed on the specific target. 

There is a little information block on each target which indicates how you should go about entering scores on the correct exercise specific page.  Please always read that carefully before you enter the score accordingly (i.e.5m, Mini-Box-Gun Exercise & Target must be logged under precision hand gun - 5m, Mini-Box-Gun Exercise ).  

Please scan shot targets in PDF format (try and stay under 5 Meg per document) and attach that to submissions of scores.

Please only enter one target per score entry – it’s only the semi-auto rifle exercises where one has to either attach a score sheet and two targets, or a score sheet and four targets (depending on which exercise one participates in).   For further reference on How To Enter Scores, you can read HERE 

Members still default by not completing all fields that have to be filled out on a target.  Please ascertain you fill in all fields before submission of the score, as the entries of targets with all fields not filled out, will have to be declined as from 15 August 2016.

The witness block on the majority of targets has moved from the bottom to the top.  Please make sure a witness completes all required fields.  You can find an example of a correctly completed target HERE

As from 26 July 2016, all approved NHSA Postal Scores will automatically reflect as activities on your Activities page.  So you do not have to enter postal shoots as activities any more once they have been approved on your scores page.  Remember that one day’s targets counts as one activity.  The entry on the activities page indicates the necessary targets to comply with maintaining dedicated status and will not necessarily reflect all the target scores you enter for one day.

Please do not Fax or Email shot targets to us.  There is no way in which we can get those onto the system against the relevant scores entry.  If you have trouble with entering of scores please write an Email to [email protected] and state the problem.  We endeavour to answer your within 48 working day hours.

Make it a habit of entering scores correctly as it can bite you when entering scores incorrectly for the National Competition in October 2016.

Always click on view once you have submitted a scores entry to ascertain the entry is correct.  The system allows you to Edit entries – make the corrections and re-submit.

We cannot delete declined entries from the system as that is the paper trail we implement to prove to CFR that our members are not busy with shooting behind the proverbial “dam wall”.  So please ascertain your entries are correct first time please.

If you are unsure about anything regarding your scores entries you are more than welcome to Email Robbie Young at [email protected] - we gladly assist our members where we can – we just cannot do entries for you.

Keep on Shooting Straight
Herman Els