Vol 12-06

NHSA Newsletter

VOL. 12 (06) - 01-03-2016



Between 1 January 2015 and 11 December 2015 members entered scores for 17 857 targets on their personal Natshoot web pages.  Each and every score entered was evaluated by the office for correctness of scores entered and for correctness of target used as well as for adherence to the rules for the specific target shooting exercise.

Due to our strict policy of protecting the integrity of our postal shoots at all costs, a number of the entered scores had to be declined and some re-entered by members as these were not correctly entered (or wrong targets used, or targets were not completed correctly and completely).  This created untold frustration for members and also unnecessary duplicated the work load at the office.

We have, therefore rearranged the former NSA In-House Postal Target Shooting Exercises to coincide with the formal name change of the Association. 

The new NHSA In-House Postal Target Shooting Exercises as set-out below, will take effect on 1 March 2016, and will be fully active from that date. 

Some relief will be allowed up to 15 March to enter scores on 2015 targets.  However, after 15 March 2016 not score entry will be accepted if these were not shot on the correctly date stamped and NHSA exercise specific Targets.


The new format of entering scores on members' personal scores pages will better reflect the nature of each exercise and make it much easier for members to enter scores correctly on their personal score pages.

The new format also allows us to much quicker publish results of competition scores and rankings as the export of scores will be more precise and much easier to rework.

The Exercises are for the absolute majority exactly the same as in the past, but they have been ordered into new groups with adapted exercise names to better reflect the exercise and the exact place where scores for specific exercises have to be entered on members’ score page on their Personal Natshoot Web Pages.

A few new exercises have been added in specifically the Rapid Fire category for pistols (not for revolvers), and for long distance rifle shooting exercises.  We have also adapted the exercises for semi-auto rifles to the two target format used in the 2015 national competition, with only the Dave Hutton Challenge remaining with four semi-auto targets.

The exercises have now been arranged in 5 groups reflecting the different Exercise Types. 

Exercise Types branches into Firearm Types, which is in turn, branches into the Specific Shooting Exercises:

From 1 March 2016 the NHSA Postal Target Shooting Exercises will thus be presented in the following 5 Exercise Types:

Handgun & Rifle Precision Shooting Exercises;  

Handgun Rapid Fire Shooting Exercises;   

Semi-Auto Rifle Shooting Exercises

Shotgun Shooting Exercises, and;

Handgun, Rifle & Shotgun Steel Plate / Gong Shooting Exercises.



Handgun & Rifle Precision Shooting Exercises:         

Firearm Type:                                          Specific Exercise: 

Air Pistols & Rifles                                     10m Air Pistol Exercise

                                                               20m Air Rifle Exercise


Handguns                                                   5m Mini-Box-Gun 5 Shot Circle Target Exercise

                                                                  8m Box-Gun 5 Shot Circle Target Exercise

                                                                 10m, .22 Rimfire 5-Shot Circle Target Exercise

                                                                 10m Centre-Fire 5-Shot Circle Target Exercise

                                                                 25m Black Powder 5 Shot Circle Target Exercise


Rifles                                                          25m .22 Rimfire Rifle Exercise

                                                                  50m 22 High Power Rimfire Rifle

                                                                 100m Centre-Fire Bolt Action Rifle Exercise

                                                                 200m Centre-Fire Bolt Action Rifle Exercise (New)

                                                                 300m Centre-Fire Bolt Action Rifle Exercise (New)


                                                                   50m Pistol Calibre Lever Action Rifle Exercise

                                                                   50m Rifle Calibre Lever Action Rifle Exercise


                                                                  100m Black Powder Rifle Exercise

                                                                    50m Western Big-Bore Rifle Exercise

                                                                    50m Historic Rifle Exercise

                                                                    25m Double Barrelled Hunting Rifle Exercise (New)


Handgun Rapid Fire Shooting Exercises:                                

Firearm Type:                                             Specific Exercise: 

Handgun                                                     10 Shot Manual Reloading Handgun Exercise

                                                                  10 Shot 2 Magazine Rimfire Pistol Exercise

                                                                  10 Shot 2 Magazine Centre-Fire Pistol Exercise

                                                                    5 Shot Rapid Fire Hunting Handgun Exercise (New)


Semi-Auto Rifle / Carbine Shooting Exercises: 

Firearm Type:                                           Specific Exercise:

Semi-Auto Rifle                                          Pistol Calibre Semi-Auto Rifle Exercise (New)

                                                                (22 Cal)  223 / 5,56 Rifle Exercise (New)

                                                                (30 Cal) 308 / 7,62 Rifle Exercise (New)

                                                                 4-Target Dave Hutton Semi-Auto Challenge


Shotgun Shooting Exercises: 

Firearm Type:                                           Specific Exercise:

Shotgun                                                    Compak (Score Sheet)

                                                                Skeet (Score Sheet)

                                                                Sporting (Score Sheet)

                                                                 Trap (Score Sheet)


Handgun, Rifle & Shotgun Steel Plate / Gong Shooting Exercises:

Firearm Type:                                           Specific Exercise: 

Handgun                                                   25m 5-Shot Steel Plate Exercise

                                                                25m 5-Shot Hanging Gong Exercise


Rifle                                                          50m 5-Shot Steel Plate Exercise

                                                                 50m 5-Shot Hanging Gong Exercise

                                                               400m Long Range Steel Plate / Gong Exercise (New)

                                                               500m Long Range Steel Plate / Gong Exercise (New)

                                                               600m Long Range Steel Plate / Gong Exercise (New)


Shotgun                                                    15m Semi-Auto Shotgun Steel Plate Exercise (New)

                                                                                        15m Pump Action Shotgun Steel Plate Exercise (New)


Targets are with no major changes, re-designed to reflect the Specific Exercise and with the most important exercise information printed on it.  The exact place for entering scores have also been added to each target in a block which exactly specifies how choices of drop down menus for entering of scores have to be selected when entering scores. 

At each entry members then just have to choose the correct inscription according to the drop down menu they are presented with – “Not on List” is still included as an option in the majority of Calibre lists which are now presented as drop down menus.


Enjoy every moment of your target shooting !! 

Remember you are competing against yourself.

Concentrate to better your personal score every time you visit the range.


Kind regards

Herman Els