New Postal Scores Entry System Now Active on Members' Natshoot Profile Pages

NHSA Newsletter

VOL. 12 (34) - 26-07-2016


Dear Member

The long awaited new postal target shooting scores entering system is now up and running on your personal Natshoot web page (see the Scores item on the left side-menu of your personal Natshoot web page).

You will see that the format of entering of postal scores has changed a little bit.  The advantage is that one cannot now go wrong with one’s entries as each entry is exercise specific and directly related to the heading printed on the specific exercise’s Target.

If your secretary (wife or daughter) assists you with the entry of your postal scores, she will also now be in a much better position to enter your postal scores correctly, resulting in much fewer declines having to be made by the scores evaluators.

This then also means that those score entries some members have been holding back because of not all exercises having a space to enter such scores, can now be entered.

The approved scores you enter for your postal shoots will also now automatically reflect as an activity on your personal Activities page, and you will not have to also enter the approved postal shoot scores, as Activities too (only approved scores will automatically reflect as activities).

But please always ascertain that your approved scores are reflected as activities too.  Remember 5 targets shot on one day, calculates to one activity.

Please be sure to read the Newsletter Vol. 12(06) and Newsletter Vol. 12(07) on our newsletters page please.

Please do not slip here as it is important for yourself to be “up to speed” with how the reporting systems re the entry of postal scores and of dedicated activities work.

NOTE 1:  Please take note that from 15 August 2016 only the most current and exercise specific targets which can be downloaded at each Target Shooting Exercise from our web site, will be accepted  (see all In-House postal target shooting exercises & targets HERE )

NOTE 2:  Please do not feel let down if your postal scores are being declined because you for instance used a 2012 or 2015 dated target to complete the exercise for which you have entered scores.

NOTE 3:  The 2016 Annual National Competition will again take place in October this year.  You will timeously be informed of the format and enrolment procedures for the 2016 competition.

Queries in regards to the above can be sent to [email protected]

Kind Regards

Herman Els