With the hunting season fast approaching, we are again entering a time in which hunting and the hunter, will come under the severe scruteny of the anti-hunting lobby.

In so many instances, however, we as hunters are ourselves to blame for the severe critisism hunting and the hunter is subjected to.

Please spend the 10 minutes it will take to read this very important article by Tyler Freel on how we as hunters should protect what we all love - the Outdoors and the privilege to partake in The Hunt !!

"There are a number of things we can do to bridge divides between different subsets of hunters, but the biggest single act we can all take is to respect the game we hunt and be respectful and restrained in our portrayals of our hunts.

There's a strong streak of self-promotion in a lot of our hunting-related content, whether on social media or on commercial media outlets. As long as we are pursuing game according to laws, regulations, and local customs and we are portraying our behavior with restraint and respect for the game we pursue, there is no way that either anti-hunters or misinformed hunters can divide us. We all need to keep in mind the extra layer of expectation, whether you call it "fair-chase" or some other term, but unless you hunt side by side with another hunter, you can never know all the steps that they took, or all the work and judgement that went into the outcome of a successful hunt.

And without that perspective, how could you ever judge their behavior?"