The founding ot the True Green (TGA) is directed at totally discrediting the doctrine of animal rightsism within the public domain.  It will best be able to achieve this from the periphery; and that is where we wish to remain because that is where our attentions will be focussed.

We intend to emasculate (destroy) the animal rights brigade at every turn: by constantly negating every utterance it makes; by revealing to the public the iniquities of its pernicious philosophy; by exposing the false statements in its propaganda; and by constantly warning society that if it takes up the animal rightists’ cause it will be consorting with racketeers, organised crime and the biggest confidence industry the world has ever known.

We also plan to achieve our goals by re-educating the public with regard to the principles and practices of science-based wildlife management (‘conservation’) and the wisdom of sustainable utilisation - which is in total contradiction of everything that the animal rightists propose. TGA intends to include within the alliance those elements of agriculture that deal with domestic animal husbandry - which are also animal rightist targets.  We want society to understand that it is not ONLY wildlife that is on the animal rightists’ chopping block.  Domestic animal husbandry, too, is an equally vulnerable target.  We intend, therefore, to inculcate in society’s mind the fact that wild and domestic animals are, respectively, WILD and TAME ‘products of the land’ and that BOTH should be used wisely and sustainably for the benefit (survival) of mankind. By combining both these ‘living resources’ as valid subjects for protection against animal rights abuse, TGA believes it will have a much wider avenue of opportunities to expose and to condemn the common enemy.

The success of TGA and its credibility within society will require that we establish a broad-based ‘alliance’, with members representing a wide range of associated corporations and as many individuals as possible.

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NHSA supports this initiative wholeheartedly !