Hunting Furred Game


1.    Accepted appropriate dedicated activity: strictly only a hunt of furred game in which the reporting member participated in (i.e impala, kudu, waterbuck, gemsbuck, etc).

2.    Confirming documentation:  copies of receipts of monies paid for hunting weekends; of the farmer’s permission to hunt and to transport venison.  A photo of the animal(s) you hunted (name and date on such a photo is required – a mere photo of a rifle on a bakkie cab does not prove a specific hunting excursion as it could have been taken anywhere).

3.    A copy of the NHSA Hunting Letter can be downloaded here - Use it !!

4.    Confirmation documentation must please be scanned in PDF format or please be presented in photographic format (i.e. a cell phone photo with the date of the activity on the photo itself or on a piece of paper in the photo subject - a mere photo with a person at a target says nothing, as it could have been taken at any time, any place).

Note 1:   if the reporting member was on a hunt and could not, or did not hunt any animal, the entry of the activity is still accepted as an appropriate dedicated activity (as s/he had hunted). Thus here it is important to attach a permission letter from the farmer / owner confirming such or a receipt for the accommodation.

Note 2:   specific and appropriate arrangements for reporting of hunting activities on own properties by a game farm or game ranch owners, or by dedicated members who work on these farms/ranches, have been put in place, and can be accessed here

Note 3:  Members are welcome to attach the annual reports they have submitted to another accredited association they might also belong to, as confirmation of their dedicated activities, subject to the following conditions.

Proviso:  Culling and damage-causing animal control is not perceived to be hunting but can be entered under Hunt Related Activities.

Exclusion 1:  Bow hunting is not accepted as a dedicated hunting activity.  Annual reporting of dedicated activities relate to your legal ownership of Section 16 licensed firearms.  If you do not use a firearm (handgun, rifle or shotgun) for the reported hunt, then that specific hunt has no relevance re your dedicated status.

Exclusion 2:  guiding of clients on a hunt (PH work) cannot be reported as dedicated activity related to firearms used in terms of Section 16 (see Regulation 4(e)(ii)).  The same goes for Field Guiding of clients, which is business-related and not related to the principles re Section 16 firearms mentioned in paragraph 4 in the main document.

Exclusion 3:  shooting of loose running dogs in the veld on game ranches or farms; or snakes or finches or Mynas is not perceived to be hunting-related activities to be entered under this heading, neither is shooting of rats in the barn. This also includes commercial farm animals like cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens etc.

How do I log a hunting activity?


A photo with a name, the date stamp is acceptable, although we know people don't always like date stamps on photo's - one for one's own record purposes is possibly not a bad idea (depending on it if your camera or cell phone can put date stamps on photo's, of course)







Accepted - Permission to Hunt & to Transport Venison - Download this form here