Hunt on own Farm - Recognition


Game ranch / farm owners may send a copy of the first page of their title deed with their name and farm / ranch name on it, as well as of their ID, to [email protected] and apply for recognition to enter hunts on such ranches / farms without every time having to attach additional proof of their hunting activity on their own property (it is difficult to issue a hunting permission document to one self). 

Game ranch / farm employees who hunt on the ranch / farm where they work on a continuous basis, follow the same procedure as mentioned above, with the exception that the ranch / farm owner must indicate that the reporting member works on the ranch / farm.

Exco will recognise each application individually, and the reporting member will be requested to every time enter the name of the Exco approved ranch / farm with the entry and attach the recognition Email to the entry, so as to serve as  adequate confirmation documentation of the hunt, with the activity counting towards annual maintenance of the member's dedicated status.