As required by Law, you must complete a relevant Dedicated Status Course before the status can be awarded by NHSA

After having successfully enrolled as new member you will be notified that you may apply to enrol for the Dedicated Status Course(s) you would want to complete. 

Existing members who would want to enrol for the courses or who want to complete an additional dedicated hunter and/or dedicated sports-person course, follow the same procedures.


To apply to enrol for the dedicated status course(s), do the following:

Step 1: Click on Member Login (top right of Natshoot Website frame)

Step 2:  Enter cell phone number as user id and id number as password (no spaces between numbers)

Step 3:  Click on Apply Dedicated Course (left side-menu)

Step 4:  Click on + Apply for Dedicated Course – top left side of personal pages screen.

Step 5:  Read text from top of screen all the way to the bottom of the page and enter the required personal information in each field

Step 6:  Choose the format in which you would want to receive the study-material (either CD or in hard copy printed format) - this determines the cost of the specific course(s).

Step 7:  Make the necessary payment into the account indicated on the page

Step 8: Upload the proof of the EFT payment at the Browse button at the bottom of the page.

Step 9:  Click on the Submit button - this will enter your application to the office


You will be notified by Email, of the acceptance of your application to enrol for the Dedicated Status Course(s).  The Email contains all relevant requirements you have to comply with to succesfully complete the course(s).

Please diligently read the Email in order to ascertain that there are no missunderstandings between you and NHSA re the requirements to complete the course(s)

The waybill number of the package being couriered to you, will display on your relevant personal page (you will also be contacted by the courier via Email or per cellphone).  Courier cost of study material is included in cost for the course(s).

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