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Hoe om Toegewyde Status In Stand te Hou



As a SAPS (CFR) Accredited Association, NHSA may by Law award Dedicated Hunter as well as Dedicated Sports-Person Status to its members (after joining NHSA member's may enroll for, and complete both courses).

NHSA`s Dedicated Award Scheme has been approved by SAPS(CFR) and therefore conforms with the legal requirements as set out in the Firearms Control Act (2000) and it`s Regulations (2004). 

Because dedicated status in effect gives members who successfully complete the course the legal right to own more than four firearms, and/or semi-auto shotguns and/or semi-auto rifles/carbines, NHSA is legally required to ascertain that the process of awarding the status is untouchable and is verifiably compliant with the stipulations of the FCA (Act 60 of 2000 as amended) and its Regulations (2004 as amended).


Applicant must be a fully paid-up member of the NHSA, must be a member in good standing (no disciplinary actions pending), and indicate written adherence to the Association`s Code of Conduct at enrolment for the dedicated course (done by accepting membership when joining and confirming contact details).

Applicant must be 16 years of age.  In the event of special merit, an exemption may be granted if sufficient evidence of high level provincial, national or international sport shooting participation can be furnished.  If, however, a parent asks, we are prepared to assist from age 14, but only in respect of sport shooting.

Applicant must not be unfit to possess a firearm in terms of the provisions of the Firearms Control Act (60 of 2000). 

Please read our Policy in this regard HERE


 - Enrol as member here 

- Confirm your contact details (online after enrolment)

- Apply to Enrol for the Dedicated Hunter and/or the Dedicated Sport-Person Course on your Personal Natshoot Profile Page

- Receive the study material per courier or downloadable version (please note, the downloadable version is print and copy-protected)

To achieve dedicated status you need to complete 3 steps

Step 1 - Complete the online evaluation

Once you're ready to start the evaluation, please visit your Personal Natshoot Profile Page  under the dedicated status course section.

There will be a button under the "Evaluation column called "Start Evaluation?"

You need to complete and pass this questionnaire to qualify for Dedicated Hunter Status, Dedicated Sport-person Status or Dual Status (both Dedicated Hunter & Sport-person Status) (time = 60 minutes).

The results of the evaluation will reflect here once the candidate has successfully finished with the theoretical evaluation.  

Please Note: The link to the evaluation will only open 7 calendar days after the candidate has received the study material, in order to afford candidates enough time to work trough the study material.  

Step 2 - Complete the practical evaluation

Consists of shooting ONE Exercise relevant target (Dedicated Hunter course OR Dedicated Sport-person course) downloaded from your personal member page and shot at any publically recognized shooting range.


Consists of shooting TWO exercise relevant targets (Dual Status - Dedicated Hunter AND Sport-person course) downloaded from your personal member page and shot at any publically recognized shooting range.

Please scan the shot Targets in PDF-format, with ALL fields completed on the Targets, and upload your target/s under the dedicated status courses section on your Personal Natshoot Profile Page where it asks you to upload the targets (scores)

(Once you've completed your online evaluation, there will be an "action needed" block called "upload scores" - reflected on your dedicated courses page - upload your shot targets there)

Once approved it will display under your scores and activity report as a postal shoot

Step 3 - Apply for the dedicated status

Once your score/s has been approved for the practical of dedicated status, you can apply for the dedicated status under your dedicated status courses section.

Click on “ + Apply dedicated Status” under the "action needed" block (next to your evaluation mark)


Your status will be updated within 0-48 hours once you’ve submitted your application for the dedicated status


The cost for the courses is determined by the type of study material selected (either a printed manual or a Downloadable electronic version).  Please note, the downloadable version is print and copy-protected

The cost for the dedicated status course is extra, anything from R400 to R580 depending on the course option you choose.  Cost is thus determined by the cost for the study material of the dedicated course you enroll for and is a once-off payment.

Costs include course fees, all administration fees, courier of study material, evaluation and certification.


Once all of the above steps have been completed correctly, the candidate’s certificate(s) are generated and posted on his/her Personal Natshoot Profile Page under My NHSA Documents, where they can be downloaded every time the member would need same.


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