Register Private Shooting Range

If members do not have realistic access to a formally recognised shooting range to participate in In-House Postal Shoots (or to do practice target shooting), they may follow the steps below to apply for permission to use private ranges instead (i.e. a shooting range on a farm)


1.    The fact that NHSA acknowledges the private range only means we accept targets shot on that range (NHSA relevant targets shot under auspices of the owner).  It does not mean NHSA has approved the range as a shooting range (we cannot do that).

2.    A private shooting range must at least have a shooting point and a shooting stop which is safe.

3.    Safety on a private shooting range is the responsibility of the owner.  NHSA has no responsibility towards what happens on such a range and will not get involved in any dispute which might arise from the use of such a shooting range.

4.    We advise that private range owners should compile a range register with an indemnity printed on the back of each page.  The register must be completed by each person shooting on that range.  That is to assist the owner with indemnity claims should anything untoward happen on the range and the owner gets taken to task for that.  An example of such a Range Register and Indemnity form can be downloaded HERE

5.    It is the owner's responsibility to ascertain neighbours are informed of the shooting to take place on the range and that they agree thereto.  NHSA has nothing to do with this arrangement and will not become involved in any dispute of this nature.

6.    The NHSA acceptance of a private shooting range for NHSA targets to be shot on (or practice targets for submission to NHSA) does not mean the range can be used as a "free for all".  NHSA rules re exercises and targets must be strictly adhered to.  Any inconsistency or misuse of the range by the owner or any other person shooting there, will cause NHSA to withdraw its recognition of the range immediately.

7.    Remember that one may not shoot in a municipal area. 


Send an Email to [email protected]

Approval to use a range on a farm or on a private property which is not open to the general public will then be requested from Exco on the member's behalf. 

The following elements must be clearly stated in the Email requesting permission to shoot the In-House Postals or NHSA practice targets on a range other than a publicly recognised range (thus on a private range)

a.   Why it is absolutely necessary to shoot the In-House Postals targets or NHSA practice targets on a private range;

b.   The name of the place where the range is situated (i.e. a farm name);

c.    Closest town, and Province

d.    The length of the range;

e.    The name, ID number & cell phone number of the person(s) who will act as witness & time keeper if the semi-auto exercises are shot there, and;

f.     Two to three photos of the specific range showing that it is a dedicated shooting range and not just an open piece of veld.


At NHSA we want our members to shoot as often as they can. 

Exco will thus grant permission for the use of private ranges in instances where motivated requests are received. 

We do, however, need a paper trail of these requests and approvals in order to be able to protect the integrity of our Postal Shoots at all times.