Score Targets


11.1     The target is defined as the entire A4 card or A4 paper on which the scoring rings are printed but shall not include the backing against which the A4 target is pasted.

11.2     The X-ring on targets = 10 points

11.3   CLEAN / PURE-Shot (indicated as Pure-shot on Target):  A shot, of which the hole does not cut any line of a scoring ring - see examples indicated on Target below.  Also see that the hole of leaded-edged shots must also clearly be inside the scoring ring.  A leaded-edge shot of which the leaded edge just touches the line but the hole is inside the scoring ring, is scored according to the number of the scoring ring it is shot into (see the leaded-edged shots on Target below).

11.4   CUT-Shot: A shot of which the hole clearly crosses the line of a scoring ring is calculated as the higher score number.  A shot of which only 1% crosses the line of a scoring ring, and of which 99% of the shot is inside the scoring ring, is not a Pure-shot and is indicated as a cut shot, and also counts the higher number (see examples on Target below).

11.5     In case of key-holed, tipped shots, or skid shots, the higher value is awarded as per the explanation of cut-shot above - even though the hole might be elongated to the bullet's length rather than being a circle of the bullet's diameter.

11.6     When a bullet enters a target from the back of the target, it will be scored as a miss – thus counts zero.

11.7     Hits on the outside of all the scoring rings are scored as misses – thus counts zero.

 Members are required to ascertain that they have documentation which can serve as a verification in the event that the NHSA office could request verification that a target was shot on a specific range on a specific day. 

Example of how Shots are Scored on a Target