Natshoot and Sport Shooting



At Natshoot our members participate in target shooting as a favourite pass time, and not for competition purposes.  We cannot award provincial or national colours, as we do not adhere to only one specifically designated sport shooting code or shooting discipline.

We have three "types" of sport shooting (target shooting) events our members can participate in.  Members may shoot their targets in any of the three "types" of target shooting events mentioned below on any publicly acknowledged shooting range anywhere in the world, or on a private NHSA Exco approved private range.

1.      Our Official In-House Postal Target Shooting Exercises, of which there are 59 exercises in which members can participate in with any of their firearms (our exercises cover all firearm types and calibres). In-house postals are not linked to any competition (our members compete against themselves or privately against their shooting friends).

1.1    Members enter the scores they achieve in their postal shoots on the Scores page of their Personal Natshoot Member Portal.  Scores are then verified and approved by our postal shooting evaluators.  All postal targets shot count towards annually maintaining dedicated sports-person status. 

1.2    However, members can choose to have the postal rifle targets, postal shotgun clay target score sheets, and postal hunting handgun targets they enter on their Scores page to count for maintaining either their dedicated sports-person status or their dedicated hunter status.

1.3    Our Marksman Grading System is linked to our In-House Postal Target Shooting Exercises.  The Marksman Grading System presents a system whereby NHSA members who regularly partake in NHSA In-House Postal Target Shooting Events, can annually be acknowledged for their shooting skills; while at the same time creating incremental quality precision shooting bench marks (Marksman Grading Levels) towards which all members can aspire in the development of their own personal precision shooting skills.

1.3.1 Achieving a specific Marksman Grading Level is linked to shooting a specified average, which is calculated against the six highest handgun or rifle scored targets (or shotgun score sheets) a member annually enters in a specific Marksman Grading Category.

1.3.2 Marksman Grading Categories are linked to existing NHSA In-House precision postal target shooting exercises for rifles, handguns and shotguns. 

2.     Activity Practice Target Shooting, in which a member may shoot any target s/he wishes to.  These targets can be NHSA activity practice targets, or their own, or targets they get at the shooting range where they shoot. Members enter these targets on the Activities page of their Personal Natshoot Member Portal as confirmation document that they participated in target shooting on a specific range on a specific date. 

2.1   At the office theses targets and the confirmation documents are verified and approved.  Activity Practice Targets count towards the annual maintenance of a member's dedicated hunter status or of his/her dedicated sports-person status according to the member's own choice.

3.    Our Annual National Postal Target Shooting Competition, which offers members equal opportunity to participate and compete in an annually presented National Competition for Air Pistols & Rifles, all NHSA categories of Handguns, all NHSA categories of Hunting/Sport Shooting Rifles, and specifically selected NHSA categories of Lever Action and Semi-Auto Rifles.

3.1   The focus of the national postal target shooting competition is on Precision competition shooting. This competition is presented in September annually.


Access the content of the above-mentioned Sport Shooting "types" are through the links under Sport Shooting on the website