Ranking and Awards






11.1        Score-Ranking per exercise and per peer group

11.1.1     Ranking is firstly determined by Highest Exercise Score.  Competitors with same exercise scores are then ranked according to highest number of shots closest to centre of Target (called shot indicators).

a.     First by highest total of pure X-Shots plus cut-X-shots;

b.     Then by highest number of clear X-shots;

c.     Then by highest number of cut-X-shots;

d.     Then by highest total of pure 10-shots plus cut-10-shots;

e.     Then by highest number of pure 10-shots,

f.      Then by highest number of cut-10-shots, and so on with pure shots and cut-shots in the 9-ring, the 8-ring and the 7-ring (if it is on the target).

g.     Competitors with exact same Exercise Scores and Shot Indicators, share the ranking in alphabetical order. Exercise Scores below 60% are indicated with "P" (Participated).

11.2        Certificate of Participation

11.2.1     All participants in the specific year's National Competition will be able to download a Certificate of Participation denoting their participation in that year's National Competition from the Documents page on their Natshoot Member Portal after competition closing date (see the Certificates Page under the Documents Page).

11.3        Medals

11.3.1     The first ranked competitors in each Competition Exercise and per Competition Class (first, second & third place), will receive a gold medal, silver or bronze medal, which will be couriered to them in due time after the competition results had been finalised and made available on the Natshoot website (see Competition class per peer group participation in paragraph 3 on this Competition Page).

11.4        Top-10 Awards

11.4.1     Excluding Air Pistols & Rifles, and semi-auto Rifles; the Top-10 scores for all handgun categories and the Top-10 scores for all rifle categories, irrespective of Category of Participation and irrespective of  Class of Participation will receive a cloth badge indicating that s/he is one of the NHSA Top-10 Handgun or Top-10 Rifle shots for the specific year's competition.

11.4.2     The Top-10 rankings for Handguns and for Rifles is only awarded to the Top-10 highest scoring competitors (handguns or rifles).  If it is so that there are 13 competitors or more sharing the Top-10 highest scoring positions, they will all be awarded with that distinction.

11.5        Top-Gun Awards

11.5.1     The three Top Guns, Men, Ladies and Juniors, will receive an applicable denoted stand medal indicating this distinction for the specific year's Competition.  The criteria to be evaluated in this winner-category is as follows:

11.5.2     Criteria for Inclusion in Top-Gun Category = Minimum of four x 100-score targets plus four x Top-10 Rankings in all competition exercises participated in.

11.5.3     Ranking is determined by (1) highest number of # 1 rankings in all exercises competed in, then (2) by highest number of medal places in all exercises competed in; if still equal then (3) by highest number #1 to #10 exercise rankings; if still equal then (4) by highest number of 100 scored targets. If still equal, then competitors share the ranking in alphabetical order.

11.6        Marksman Grading

11.6.1     All scores for all exercises in the national competition count towards the Marksman Grading in a specific year (January to end December)