Each accredited hunting and/or sport shooting association has its own system of how their dedicated members annually report their dedicated activities in order to retain dedicated status with that association. 

At NHSA we accept the Annual Reports members submit to other accredited hunting and/or sport shooting associations as confirmation of activities they conducted at that association where they may also hold dedicated membership.

Attaching an Annual Report meant from another accredited association is, however, in itself, not verification of the activities mentioned on that report, unless the activity is clearly shown to be verified by the association that report was intended for.

Example 1:  On the SA Hunters Annual Report, only those entries indicated with SAHGCA in the column under the heading Reported, can be accepted as verified activities.  Activities so indicated are verified activities the member participated in at his/her SA Hunters Branch from where the specific activity was entered onto the SA Hunters’ system in name of the member.  Those entries on the SA Hunters Annual Report indicated with the inscription, Member, in the Reported column, are entered by the member self without verification.  Last metioned activities can only be accepted if such activities are entered on the NHSA member’s Natshoot activities page, accompanied by the required verifying documentation, as such entries are not verified by SA Hunters (SA Hunters are on record that such entries are the responsibility of the member to prove if needs be).

Example 2:  SA Wingshooters require no documentary proof from their members on their members' annual reports as they believe it is their member's responsibility to keep adeqaute proof of the reported activities should SAPS enquire thereto (that is their way of doing things, and their prerogative to do so).  When NHSA members who have double membership with SA Wingshooters thus attach their SA Wingshooters annual report for activities, they must please also attach the necessary other confirmation documents for the entries on the SA Wingshooters report they would want to enter as activities for NHSA.