Vol 13-30

 NHSA Newsletter

VOL. 13 (30) - 29-11-2017


Dear member,

All activities and Natshoot postal shoots you participate in from 1 December 2017, and which you log as such, will count towards maintenance of dedicated status for 2018 (deadline for reporting in 2018 remains 30 November).

If you have alraedy maintained your status for 2017, you can ignore the rest of this Email.

Exco has extended the absolute deadline for reporting of activities for maintenance of dedicated status in 2017, to 24h00 on Monday 4 December 2017

Activities or Natshoot postal scores, which are meant for maintenance of dedicated status for 2017, and which are logged after this date and time, will only be Acknowledged as having taken place.

If you have not done so yet, we advise that you urgently read the first link on the Natshoot website under Dedicated Status with reference to the procedures to annually maintain dedicated status.

Kind regards
Natshoot Office

This Newsletter sent to all members by Email on 29-11-2017