Vol 14-30

NHSA Newsletter

VOL. 14 (30) - 17-09-2018


Dear member,

Due to the high volume of Emails we receive we were forced to move over to a new Email service provider who gives us more saving space and a little faster delivery time.  The service provider's servers are hyper secure with a very high level of encryption, which was another reason for opening Natshoot Email accounts with them.

We changed over to the new service provider over the weekend.

Please be kind and re-send any Email you sent to a Natshoot Email address from 06:00 on Friday (14-09-2018) to 22:00 on Sunday (16-09-2018) so that we can all be sure we have not missed any of your Emails please

Kind Regards
Natshoot Office

The content of this Newsletter sent to all members per Email on 17 September 2018