Vol 14-04

NHSA Newsletter

VOL. 14 (04) - 17-01-2018


Dear member,

Recently there has been a persistent rumour on social media that the court had decided in SA Hunters’ favour re the re-drafting of Sections 24 and 28 of the FCA, referring to renewal of firearm licences.

The impression is created that this is the final say in the matter, which started in the High Court in Pretoria in April 2017.

This is not so.  While not saying so, the information in the specific message on social media refers to Judge Tolmay’s’ positive July 2017 verdict on the April 2017 High Court case, which the Minister of Police Appealed.

We will only know the exact outcome of this matter when the Constitutional Court delivers its verdict in the Minister’s Appeal on 8 February 2018. 

Please do not get caught up in these false rumours.  We shall keep you informed.

Please be sure of your personal safety at all times !!

Natshoot Office

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