NHSA Newsletter

VOL. 12 (08) - 01-03-2016

NHSA Policy Document


An Endorsement is a document which can only be issued by accredited hunting & sport shooting associations in which they, on technical merit and evaluation, issue a formal statement to SAPS (CFR) that the firearm a specific firearm licence application refers to, is suited for the intended purpose mentioned in the applicant`s motivation attached to his/her firearm licence application.


NHSA will gladly issue endorsements to paid-up members who apply for licences for handguns, hunting and sport-shooting rifles, shotguns, and semi-automatic rifles/carbines (no matter if you are an occasional hunter and/or sports-person or a dedicated hunter and/or sports-person).  Provided that the use of the specific firearm is in line with the prescripts of the Firearms Control Act (Act 60 of 2000) and its Regulations (2004); and/or does not infringe on the values NHSA ascribes to re hunting as described in our Hunters’ Code 

Applicants must please fill out the applicable application form on the Endorsements Page of their their personal Natshoot web page- see How To here.

Applicants must also please attach the motivation they will submit to SAPS with application at the relevant button at the bottom of the endorsements applications page (see the Browse button) (please upload only the motivation, not all documents you will submit). 

Please Note that without the motivation attached to the endorsement application, no endorsement can be issued

NHSA has to protect the integrity of its accreditation with SAPS and cannot issue endorsement without knowing what it is we endorse, and without NHSA being in a position to in court, convincingly argue the reasons for issuing a specific endorsement. 

There are a number of legal issues, which we have to be cognisant of, as members could compromise themselves and NHSA unwittingly.  We can for instance not issue an endorsement for a hunting rifle under Section 16 if the applicant wants to use that rifle for PH work.  Regulation 4 prohibits accredited associations from awarding dedicated status to a person who it knows does PH work with a Section 16 rifle.

There are also instances where members’ motivations just don’t make the grade and we can then assist with suggestions or examples to better their motivations and in so doing, try and help them to be successful with their applications.

We are not in the business of writing motivations.  Your motivation is kept on our secure data system for reference purposes only, in the event that SAPS might enquire as to the reasons for NHSA issuing the relevant endorsement.

Applications are handled by a panel of experts who read through each motivation before endorsements are issued – we make suggestions as to possible corrections but it remains your choice to accept the advice or not.  Endorsements are usually issued within 48 hours from receipt of application (not uncommonly much quicker).

We do issue endorsements for semi-auto shotguns for purposes of wingshooting only.

Examples of motivations can be found HERE


Members must please ascertain that they are up to date with their annual membership.

Dedicated members must please ascertain that they are up to date with their compulsory annual activity reports before an endorsement will be issued (they must thus have maintained their status in the preceding year - see your personal Activities page on your personal Natshoot web page).

We only issue endorsement for hunting handguns in internationally excepted handgun hunting calibres.  For reasons of ethics in hunting, we do not endorse semi-auto pistols for hunting purposes.  Semi-Auto pistols are not perceived to be hunting handguns.

We do, however, issue endorsements for hunting purposes for semi-auto pistols in instances where these are used as "carry guns" as back-up when hunting, for safety in the veld and/or for coup de grace shots when animals are wounded.

We by default issue endorsements for semi-auto rifles for purposes of dedicated sports shooting.

In line with an agreement between hunting associations on the Hunters' Forum, we shall issue an endorsement for an assault type semi-auto rifle for hunting purposes, only if the applicant can provide proof that s/he is the owner (or co-owner) of a game farm or an exempted game ranch in a Province which allows the use of such firearms for wildlife management;  or if the applicant can furnish proof that s/he has permission from his/her relevant provincial nature conservation authority to use an assault type semi-auto rifle for game management purposes if said game ranch (farm) is not his proven property. 

Please note: 

Endorsements issued under our name, are issued strictly against the motivation our member submits with his/her application for an endorsement and has no validity in respect of any other motivation s/he might submit to SAPS(CFR) in application for the licence for that specific firearm.  If a member wants to submit another motivation with his/her licence application than the one against which the endorsement had been issued, s/he must please re-apply for a new endorsement with the changed motivation attached.



1 MARCH 2016