Vol 17-23

NHSA Newsletter

VOL. 17 (23) - 22-06-2021


Dear Member,

1.   We have posted our preliminary and draft of our comments on the proposed Firearms Control Amendment Bill, 2021, which you can download at the link in paragraph 7 below.


2.   Members are free to copy any of the comments for their own submissions to be submitted to the Civilian Secretariat for Police in opposition to the proposed amendments.


3.   The draft is a comprehensive answer to all proposed changes to sections of the FCA which have an impact on the legal ownership of hunting and sport shooting firearms.


4.   Legal arguments against the arbitrary deletion of section 13 (self-defence firearms) will be submitted by our legal council.


5.   Natshoot has been actively involved with a large number of initiatives to oppose the amendment Bill in conjunction with all accredited associations, dealers, gunsmiths, collectors, training institutions, and the security sector.  The result is that a sensible process to collectively oppose the Bill has been formulated and will over time be played out in continuous opposition to the irrationality of the proposed amendments.


6.   Members can copy and paste sections of the PDF document as they wish, and which are relevant to the personal comments they would want to submit to [email protected] by not later than next Friday 2 July 2021 (4 July is a Sunday).


7.   Members are requested to please submit their comments, so that our voices as legal firearms owners will be heard.


8.   Members must know that Natshoot will continue to fight for legal ownership of firearms until our arms fall off.


9.  We reiterate – it’s not just for taking our firearms Minister !

10.  Members can access the draft Natshoot comments on the proposed Bill HERE. 


Kind regards

Dr Herman Els

Executive Chair