Vol 17-01


VOL. 17 (01) - 11-01-2021


Dear Member,

Welcome back to a new year full of new aspirations.


Please take note of the important information below.




1.1      Members are requested to please only use the 2021 Natshoot Postal Target(s) they can print from their Personal Natshoot Portal Page under the specific firearm for which the exercise to be shot, is meant (date of Target printed on left top corner).

1.2      Target & Score evaluators will accept 2020 targets only until end February 2021.

1.3      Thus, scores on Postal Targets printed before 2021 will after 1 March 2021 only be Acknowledged to recognize the activity but will not be Approved for the Target to count towards maintaining Dedicated Status.

1.4      Also please take note that from 4 December 2020 one can only download postal targets at the specific firearm on one's Natshoot Portal Page, once one has registered his/her firearms on the Portal page.  The correct targets for the correct firearm specific exercise can then be downloaded at the specific firearm to be used

1.5      We request members to please register their firearms on their personal Natshoot Portal page so that the system can at least warn them when their licences will expire.  In that manner we try and protect our members from disarming themselves due to lapsed licences of which the firearms can only be handed in for destruction after completion of the current amnesty.

1.6     Registering of one's firearms on his/her portal page also assists with applications for endorsements (which should not take longer than 30 seconds for registered firearms), and when submitting activities conducted with one of one's firearms (it just makes it that much easier for members).



2.1      If you are busy with the completion of your Dedicated status course, please make sure you download the correct targets specifically meant for the practicals of the dedicated course to be awarded Dedicated status.

2.2      As from 1 February 2021, NHSA Postal Targets will NOT any longer be accepted for the practical evaluation of your dedicated status course to update your status from Occasional to Dedicated status.

2.3      If you already have dedicated status, you can use the Postal Targets to maintain said status



3.1     If you have a firearm with only a green license, please make sure your Competency is up to date. See relevant newsletter here

3.2      If you have a firearm with an expired white license and have not yet participated in the Firearms Amnesty, we urgently advice you to do so.    Please see relevant newsletter here

3.3      If you have not participated in the firearms Amnesty by 29 January 2021, be sure that the SAPS will be at your door soon to confiscate your firearm as from 2 February 2021 (there are only 14 working days left until end January 2021).

3.4     If you do not want to do this by yourself and need further assistance with the application processes, you can contact Legally Armed – relevant newsletters   




4.1      Renew your firearm licences at least 90 days before they expire

4.2      If you have firearms with expired white licenses and you want to keep them, we suggest you participate in the amnesty.




5.1      SafAir will transport firearms as from 1 February on internal fights from and to OR Tambo, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London, and Durban.

5.2      There is a limit attached to the number of firearms allowed to be transported per flight – make sure about this when you book a flight.

5.3       Natshoot extends a sincere appreciation towards SafAir for going the extra mile for hunters and sport shooters in this regard.


6.         NEW SYSTEM


6.1      Thank you for your feedback on the new system. There are still a few gremlins to sort out, but our IT department is working full steam to correct those.


The office opens on 14 January 2021


Happy shooting and all the best for 2021



Natshoot office