Vol 16-54


VOL. 16 (54) - 29-10-2020


Dear Member,

Natshoot's Directors and Exco wholeheartedly supports the principles of the much-needed social awareness Safe Citizen Campaign, which was launched today.

The civil society driven campaign stands for and promotes "...your right to live free from violence, as no one should have to live in fear of criminals.  Moreover, your family has the right to feel safe where they live, work and play".

The Safe Citizen Campaign states:  "Criminals prefer unarmed victims – and that’s a fact. Let’s face it, South Africans experience brutal attacks every day. You and your family may be one of the lucky few who could go through life without being caught up in a violent confrontation. On the other hand, you may be faced with evil when you least expect it. We are convinced that in the instant of a violent attack, when neither the police nor your armed response can reach you in time, the most effective way to defend yourself and your loved ones is by being trained to lawfully use a firearm for self-defence".

We urge our members to take the three minutes to read the Media Statement issued at the launch of the Safe Citizen Campaign

If the focus of this civil society-based campaign makes sense to you, please consider joining the campaign on their website.  Also please consider making a small monthly contribution of as little as R50.00 towards the Campaign's administration and future functioning.  After all it is focussed on advancing your legal ownership of firearms.

At Natshoot we understand the very real need to convince parliamentarians, government officials and civil society at large that one should be able to protect oneself against violent criminals (it is the sad reality of things in our country as they stand now).  The police just cannot be everywhere where criminals perpetrate violence against our fellow citizens.

Please inform your family and your friends, and your hunting and sport shooting buddies of this campaign and what it stands for.  As legal firearms owners we are facing a group of people who are trying to convince government officials and the broader civil society that guns kill people.  As responsible firearms owners, Natshoot members, however, understand that it is not guns which kill people, but that people kill people (people use knives, broken bottles and knobkieries to kill people too).

The Safe Citizen Campaign closes their first press release by stating:

 “...[we] encourage everyone to claim the fundamental right to lawfully defend yourself against violent criminals.

Get involved. Join Safe Citizen in making your community a safe place to live [in].”

A lawfully armed citizen keeps your community safe

Visit the Safe Citizen Campaign's Website for more Information

Kind Regards, Natshoot Office

All members on 29-10-2020 informed of the launch of, and need for support for the Safe Citizen Campaign (Email sent on 29-10-2020).