Vol 16-16


VOL. 16 (16) - 24-04-2020


Dear Member,

1.    Natshoot on 1 April 2020 wrote the Minister of Police to enquire as to the possible extension of the period of amnesty due to time lost during the lockdown. 

2.    NHSA also enquired as to clarity re the administrative procedure which will be followed by SAPS if the 90 days before a licence expiry falls within the lockdown period, and such a person can thus not submit the required renewal application on time.

3.    On 22 April 2020 the Minister answered that he is favourably inclined to extend the period of amnesty, but that he has to wait for Parliament to reconvene as only Parliament can give permission for such an extension. 

4.    No indication of till when the extension of the amnesty will be allowed is given.  We thus advise that our members who want to participate in the amnesty should rather do so during May as there are no certainties until when the amnesty will be extended.

5.    Secondly the Minister indicated that SAPS will accept so-called "late applications" for renewals if the 90 days before the specific licence expired fell within the lockdown period. 

6.    We are, however, aware that SAPS have on many occasions indicated that they would accept so-called late applications even within the 90 days before the licence expires (but not after date of expiry - for that one has to apply for extension from the National Commissioner per section 28(6) of the FCA if one has good reason to be late).

7.    All indications are that members will be able to go to their police stations for submissions of renewals and participation in the amnesty after 1 May 2020. 

8.    Thirdly the Minister indicated that he could not confirm that the Registrar (read National Commissioner) could extend periods of validity of licences per section 28(6) of the FCA as the matter was still in litigation (in the well-known GOSA case) – see our Newsletter Vol. 15(09) of 19-03-2019,

9.    Members can read the letter from Natshoot received from the Minister HERE

10.  Members who have difficulty with DFOs accepting applications after 1 May 2020, must please let the office know of the situation - please send Email to [email protected]

Kind regards, Natshoot Office