Dear Member,


We apologise for the late message at the beginning of the long weekend.  But it is urgent to get the message out to our members who might be traveling to Limpopo Province.


Over the past few days renewed messages of people traveling with firearms being harassed by rogue metro police elements in the Hammanskraal area and particularly just on the Northern side of the Carousel toll gate, have been received.


In our Newsletter Vol. 18(07) dated 06-05-2022 this situation was initially highlighted.

As it is the beginning of a long weekend our legal representative has given advice on how the situation of firearms at roadblocks should (could) be approached.


Please read Mr Kotze’s advice HERE on managing the situation at roadblocks where you are made subject to police (or Metro Police) bullying, and also for additional legal advice on the use of section 15 and 16 firearms HERE


Please take note of the two telephone numbers of Tshwane Metro Police senior management who you can call if the need should arise if you are being bullied at specific a roadblock in the Tshwane metro area.


The following persons of the Tshwane metro members of the integrity unit can be contacted if the need arises:

Inspector Hannes Louw 083 437 7987

Inspector Khoza 083656 6871


Please make sure you have the correct knowledge if you must travel to Limpopo Province for the long weekend or during the coming hunting season.

It is advisable that one travels with as few magazines loaded as one can and magazines of hunting firearms loose (or even away) from the firearm.


Kind regards, Natshoot office