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For too long the firearm community in South Africa has been silent (or just not heard), regarding the continuous onslaught from gun free / firearm regulation proponents. This needs to stop and opposed in the strongest way possible.

The National Hunting and Shooting Association (NATSHOOT) is reacting in response to the recent imposition of false narratives surrounding firearms in South Africa. We stand firmly against the misinformation being spread by organisations such as Gunfree South Africa, who perpetuate the myth that guns are the root cause of violence in our country.

The reality is that firearms are only responsible for 4.87 deaths per 100,000 people in South Africa, while stabbings account for 16.95 deaths per 100,000. With a population of 60.6 million, this equates to tens of thousands of violent crimes that have nothing to do with firearms.

It is time for the truth to be told. The high crime rate in South Africa is not caused by firearms, but by a multitude of factors including ineffective policing, poor leadership, and the failure to address the root causes of violence.

A gun does not perpetuate violence - a person does

Organizations like Gunfree South Africa and politicians like Gauteng Premier Panyaza Lesufi, who calls for stronger gun laws as the solution to violence, are misguided and wrong. The proper use, ownership, and training in firearms can lead to a safer society, not more restrictions on law-abiding citizens.

As responsible firearms owners, NATSHOOT and its members is committed to advocating for the proper use, ownership, and training in firearms as a means of promoting safety and security in South Africa. We believe that a multi-faceted approach is needed to combat the high crime rate in our country, including effective policing, better leadership, neighborhood watches, and a focus on education and rehabilitation programs to address the root causes of violence.

We will not be silenced by false information and political agendas. We stand with all South Africans who are affected by violence in our communities and we call on the government to prioritise addressing the real issues, including the ineffective and under-resourced policing.

NATSHOOT will not rest until the truth is known and until our communities are safe. We will continue to fight against misinformation and to advocate for real solutions to the high crime rate in South Africa.

Kind Regards

The Natshoot Office

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