Dear Member,


Members are once again invited to participate in Natshoot's annual National Postal Target Shooting Competition.

The Annual Natshoot National Competition is a members only event.

When does the competition start? - From 1 September 2023, 23:59 to 1 October 2023, 23:59.


Compete in equal opportunity against your age group peers in a National Competition


Precision Target Shooting, Air Pistols & Rifles, all categories of Handguns, selected categories of Rifles, and selected categories of Lever Action and Semi-Auto Rifles.


When can I enrol and what is the cut-off date? – Enrolment date: 30 August 2023 from 08:00 - Cut-off date: 27 September 2023 at 23:59 - on your Member Portal (Not the App)


When can I get the targets? - from 17:00 on 31 August at the specific exercise a member would want to participate in *see link bottom of page – a link to this page will also be available on a member’s Portal Page from 26 August.


Where to shoot ?

-     Any public shooting range -

-     All NHSA registered private Exco ranges


Win trophies, medals and cool prizes from our sponsors.


In the meantime read all rules for the competition on the web page linked at the bottom of this Email.


Competition Targets May Not be shot later than midnight – 23:59:59 on 1 October 2023.

Competition scores and targets must please be entered before midnight - 23:59:59 on 3 October 2023.


Please only use your computer for competition registration purposes as well as downloading targets, and not the Natshoot App.

If you want to use your smart phone like a computer please use the Chrome browser.


You can however use your smart phone to scan the QR code (as mentioned below) on the target, for uploading purposes - in order to use this function, it is advisable to have the NATSHOOT App installed on your smart phone.


As mentioned, a new addition this year will be the QR Code, printed on the Competition Targets. Any QR reader / scanner can be used to scan the QR code - this will the automatically redirect you to the App (if installed), otherwise you will be redirected to the member portal on your browser.


We have tested 2 Qr scanner Apps (one for Android and one for Apple) which seemed to work well - both are noted below:




Please remember that the national postal competition targets MAY ONLY be used for the national competition and NOT for further submission under SCORES or under ACTIVITIES on your member portal.


Natshoot members can shoot at any public shooting range (or on all NHSA registered private Exco ranges).


Do your best against the best of Natshoot.


The National Competition web page can be accessed HERE - 


Kind Regards

Natshoot Office