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Planned any hunting trips in the following two provinces?  Limpopo OR KwaZulu Natal?


Please take note of the following:


There are certain restrictions to transporting game meat, skins and trophies in so-called DMA areas (Disease Management Areas).


These areas can be viewed on page 7 (KZN) and 8 (Limpopo) of the “DMA Movement Control Protocol”, which can be downloaded below


Only one carcass can be transported per vehicle irrespective of how many passengers/hunters.


If the carcass weight is more than 50kg it needs to be specified on a Permit for which the application form can be found on page 9 of the DMA Movement Control Protocol document (Download below).


Movement Permit needed if:


The meat is for own consumption


One carcass per hunter or person accompanying the product will be permitted (that means each hunter in one vehicle must have a movement permit for his carcass).


Provided that the skin is removed, the carcass is portioned, and the meat is dry, drip free and matured. (Dry not meaning biltong)


All meat must be labelled (with species, place of origin and weight) and packaged to prevent exposure of the product.


The head, feet and offal must be removed and may not be moved from the property where the animal was slaughtered.

Transporting raw meat of livestock such as beef and sheep can be transported but not more than 50kg without a permit. If you need to travel with raw meat and meat products from domestic livestock per vehicle for own consumption within, out of or through a DMA, you will need a Movement Permit, which will be issued if a valid receipt or invoice for the meat can be provided. 


NO restriction will be imposed for fully cooked or “break-dry” meat products (dry biltong) irrespective of quantity moving out of, within or through a DMA.


Permits to move game meat out of, within or through a DMA can be obtained, strictly at least 3 days before intended movement from the two relevant state veterinarians as mentioned on page 2 of the protocol, which you can download.


Applications for movement permits is provided on page 9 & 10 of the protocol document. complete and send to the relevant state veterinarian as indicated for the specific province on page 2 of the protocol.

Trophies, Bones, Horns, and Skins


Trophies, bones, horns, and skins from game animals moving out of or within a DMA is permitted, provided that the skins have been salted for 28 days, or dried.  When transporting bones and horns out of or within a DMA these must have been thoroughly cleaned and dried.


Adhering to the above procedures is of the utmost importance if you plan on hunting in any of the indicated DMAs.  Nothing more saddening than your hard-earned game meat having to be left at a roadblock because of a lack of simple paperwork.


Please download the DMA Movement Control Protocol document here:  Foot and Mouth “DMA Movement Control Protocol” of 10 May 2022


Despite the added admin responsibility implied by the above, we wish all our hunter members a successful hunt for 2022.

Remember to download a Permission to Hunt & Transport Game Meat form from the Natshoot website before you leave for your trip and ascertain you and the game ranch owner where you hunt complete the form before your departure - download form here -



Kind regards, Natshoot Office

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