Scores / Postal Targets - Natshoot Shop - INSIMBI Legacy Projects

Dear Member


It seems like we have just celebrated Christmas, and here we are already in the middle of February.


What do we have install for you in this issue?


1. SCORES / POSTAL TARGETS - updated targets for use in 2022

2. NATSHOOT SHOP - A new competition and results from our Pangolin draw

3. INSIMBI LEGACY PROJECTS - Protecting Rhinos through your participation in their Special Forces Course




Please note that "old" targets will not be accepted after 31 March 2022 - This implies that targets downloaded / printed before January 1, 2022, would not be accepted. Unfortunately we still experience instances of targets being fraudulently "backdated". This rule / provision aims to mitigate those instances, please assist us in keeping the integrity of Natshoot's system and you as member's record of proof and with inference, your status  in place. Thus - if you still have 2021 targets, please try and utilise them before 31 March 2022.




An exiting new competition is at hand and the results of the Pangolin Survey is available:


Natshoot Shop Competition

(Please note that the Competition closing date has been extended to the 22nd of February)


See the Live Draw of the Pangolin Competition




In an effort to support their Rhino project - Insimbi has pledged that 100% of these funds will be going towards paying the salaries of their rangers protecting said Rhinos. As a member of SUCo - SA, Natshoot unequivocally, supports this drive.




Please have a wonderful year - Best Natshoot wishes


Natshoot Office