Dear Member,

Natshoot needs factual data on SAPS' administrative backlog re firearm licence and competency applications, and also on outstanding applications submitted under amnesty, which ended 31 January 2021 already.

We also need to know if challenges identified by individual members re long outstanding applications are individual specific or if the same challenges are also experienced by more members on a wider scale.

Information gleaned from replies on Natshoot's broad-base information survey, which we kindly ask you to please complete (see below - takes 7 minutes), is necessary if future litigation re the bad administration of SAPS re firearm licences and competencies, would be contemplated (or possible class actions launched in name of identified members).

Please only complete the questions which have reference to your specific situation.

Questions 1 & 2 are mandatory - but please also complete question 3 so that we have an indication of the number of firearms members in general own (no detail attached to your answer - you can, thus, not be individually identified by answering question 3).

Your assistance in completing the broader-based survey will really help Natshoot in its endeavour to assist members with bad service delivery experienced at CFR and at provincial FLASH sections.

Natshoot members will in a following Email also be requested to, in short sharp personal surveys, indicate their individual situation in respect of long outstanding applications, so that our legal team can assist you as an individual member with your personal challenges with CFR or with your provincial FLASH section. 

Please access the broad-based survey HERE

Kind Regards,   Natshoot Office

This newsletter sent to all members via email on 11 March 2022