Dear Member,


Natshoot is committed to assist members with the best possible service we can deliver.

In this regard we are seeking avenues to try and assist our members who may be experiencing seriously bad service delivery from SAPS(CFR) and from Provincial FLASH sections with long outstanding applications.


SAPS’ service delivery to firearm owners is at an all-time low and it will not improve soon.  We are all aware of the unreasonable time SAPS is taking to evaluate firearm licence applications, competency applications, and applications submitted under the last amnesties which ended on 31 January 2021 already. 


To assist our members as best we can we have compiled four very short surveys to establish the extent and causes of firearms licence challenges our members individually experience.  

Information re your outstanding applications for new & renewal of firearm licence(s);

Information re your outstanding applications for new & renewal of competencies;

Information re your outstanding Amnesty applications (own and other person firearms), and;

Information re your outstanding licence cards for new & renewed licences which have been awarded.

Please send completed survey-files to [email protected] where Daleen will then collate the returned information of each individual member. 


From the information provided in the personal surveys we shall be able to see how best we can assist you as an individual member and if we can include you in possible class actions re SAPS’ transgression of time-frames in PAJA.  We shall be in contact with each individual member after collating the returned information.


In instances where you have an individual firearm related problem (i.e., an Appeal), members can consider referring such issues to Natshoot’s legal section - [email protected] 

Your requests will then be referred to professionals who will be able to advise you. If after consultation you reach an agreement on the services, such professional assistance may be for your own account.


Please make sure that you apply for renewal of your firearm licences and for renewal of your competencies on time.


Kind regards, Natshoot Office

This newsletter sent to all members via email on 11 March 2022