Dear Member,

If you are experiencing problems with new or renewal applications (licence, competency and possibly even still amnesty applications) which are outstanding for longer than 90 working days (plus-minus 123 days), and your particulars are not yet on our lists, please notify us thereof so that we can put your particulars on our lists which we regularly submit to Genl. Mamotheti (head of SAPS FLASH).

Login to your Natshoot Member Portal and click on the red button "Long Outstanding Licence Applications", on the landing page.  

Complete the requested fields on that web-form.   Your particulars will be added to the relevant list, and it will be followed up with the Genl. Mamotheti on a regular basis. 

Members can make use of the Natshoot Licensing Helpline at all times - see this web page please -

Natshoot’s legal team is constantly working on an improved system to track long outstanding firearm problems to ensure that our members receive the service they are entitled to. 

If you have entered your data, please let us know after three months if your issue has not been finalised.

We shall then start with class actions in which you will be included if needed (class actions are not easy cases and needs some work to be completed when we "get to that bridge").

Kind Regards. 

Dr Herman Els (Executive Chair)