Dear Member,

Members are once again invited to participate in Natshoot's annual national postal target shooting competition, which will be presented from 1 September 2022 to 23:59 on 30 September 2022.

The Annual Natshoot National Competition is a members only event.

The focus of the Competition is on Precision Target Shooting; and to give all members equal opportunity to compete against their age group peers in a National Competition for Air Pistols & Rifles, all categories of Handguns, selected categories of Rifles, and selected categories of Lever Action and Semi-Auto Rifles. 

Members will be able to enrol for the 2022 National Competition from 08:00 on 26 August 2022 via the link to be provided on their personal Natshoot Member Portal.

Members can, however, in the meantime read all rules for the competition on the web page linked at the bottom of this Email.

Competition Targets will be available for download from 18:00 on 31 August at the specific exercise a member would want to participate in (see link bottom of page – a link to this page will also be available on a member’s Portal Page from 31 August after enrolment has been approved).

Competition Targets may not be shot later than midnight on 30 September 2022.

Competition scores and targets must please be entered before midnight on 1 October 2022.

Please only use your computer for competition purposes, and not the Natshoot App.

If you want to use your smart phone please use the Chrome browser on your phone.

Please remember that competition targets may only be used for the national competition and not for submission of scores under Scores or under Activities.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our 2022 sponsors, we are proud to be affiliated with you:

  • Balistix bullets
  • National Cartridge
  • Rhino Bullets
  • Silver Rapids
  • Tarzan Shoes

 The following Natshoot friendly shooting ranges invites you to join them for the NHSA National Postal Competition:

·       Belville Pistol Club – Western Cape (Belville)

·       Magnum United Shooting Range – Gauteng (Donkerhoek)

·       Out There Adventures – Gauteng (Pretoria)

·       Rooikraal Shooting Range – Gauteng (Heidelberg)

·       Somerset West Pistol club – Western Cape (Somerset West)

Please note that Natshoot members are not limited to these ranges and can shoot at any publicly recognised shooting range (or on all NHSA registered private ranges).  We are actively pursuing partnerships with more ranges across the country, so there will be more joining the list soon.

Do your best against the best of the Association!

The National Competition web page can be accessed HERE


Kind Regards,

Natshoot Office


This Newsletter sent to all members via Email  on 16 August 2022